Saturday, May 09, 2009

Sheep. Wool. People.

It’s been a week, and I’m just getting together the energy to blog about my trip to the 2009 Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival. Pathetic.

But, the website for my fabulous job was down from noon Friday until noon on Monday last weekend, resulting in about 300 emails coming through all at the same time. All-America nominations for my division closed on Wednesday and my phone was ringing off the hook. It was a completely miserable week of work.

I’ll get back to blogging more regularly very soon. I miss it and I miss all of you guys!

Meanwhile, my mom, my aunt and I drove down to Maryland last Friday and went to the Festival on Saturday. I almost immediately ran into the group of people I most wanted to find. If you read Turtlegirl’s blog, you already know the amazing group of women she hung out with last weekend. Shortly after meeting up with all of them, I met Javajem …

Cristi (Turtlegirl76), Pam (Trillian42), yours truly, Jody (Javajem). Photo borrowed with permission, since I had major Camnesia all day.

And, this year, I made sure I got my picture taken with my favorite Turtle

Again, stolen with permission. Isn't Cristi's sweater awesome?

I spent the rest of the day wandering around, meeting up with mom and Suzie on occasion and basically enjoying the day.

The one and only time I busted out my camera was just before I met up with the aforementioned bloggers. Roaming Tigger takes requests, especially from dyers we really like. So just for Roxanne

And, in case you can’t figure out what dyer that might be, here’s where you can see her labels a little better below.

Tigger likes pretty yarn!

I hardly bought any yarn, but did buy a decent amount of non-yarn stuff, so here’s a photo of all the loot

One skein of Autumn House Farm sock yarn, two STR-M mill ends, a Blue Moon Fiber Arts Twisted Rare Gem, a lucet, a nostepinne (both rosewood), a pair of mittens made from recycled felted sweater and fleece-lined, the paper bag is soap, there’s a festival tote bag on the right, a set of Signature Needles DPNs (2.5mm, 5”) and it’s all lying on the sheepskin I brought home to keep my feet from becoming blocks of ice next winter.

Our TV room is right above our garage, so my feet get really cold really fast on the floor in this room during the winter. We have at least one more winter in this room before we start moving things around on this floor, so I figured that purchase was worth it.

I also got some Hiya Hiya sock needles, in pairs of 16” circs, but I forgot to put those in the picture and they aren’t very exciting anyway.

I’ll try to come back and blog a little more about some of the non-yarny bits soon. Here’s hoping I can throw up another post tomorrow!


Zonda said...

I bet it was a great day! :) Neat mill end colors too! So have you busted out your new Signatures yet? Hoping work is easing off a bit!

loopykd said...

So funny. Did you say "if" you read Turtlegirl's blog? You are so funny! Do you know how to use a nostepinne? I have one but I have no clue what to do with it!

Bezzie said...

OH man, I hope you don't throw up another blog post too violently. Throwing up is no fun. ;-)

Great haul, and great peeps!

Lindsay said...

Ooo! That Autumn House Farm yarn is gorgeous! I'm going tp have tp keep my eye out for them next year.

RoxanneZYG said...

Looks like you had a nice time & thanks for the Tigger in action photos...I love them! Yay!!

SJ said...

Nice haul! Think we can get a closer shot of that yarn? (Or can you bring it next knit night so I can admire in person?)

Donna Lee said...

I was so sorry to miss the festival this year. It looks like you had a great time.

worldofgrace said...

Hey!! I'm so jealous! Sometimes I wish I lived closer to that side because of the festival. I have a set of the Signature Needles and I LOVE them! I'm hoping to go home in October. If I do, YARN CRAWL!

worldofgrace said...

Hey, it's Jeanne! I'm so jealous! Yarn Crawl in October!

Jen said...

Great photos - looks like you had a fun time!