Friday, July 31, 2009

Sandy Beaches

It’s no secret that I’m a sucker for a good yarn club. Fiber Baristas was a bit of a tough call … it was a good chunk of cash, but I was sold both because Roxanne of Zen Yarn Garden and Catherine of Knitting Notions were involved and because it included nine unique independent dyers, so I’d get a wide variety of yarn.


This month’s offering was from PennyRose Yarns. Ruth lives in New Jersey and her favorite New Jersey expression is “down the shore” which means “going to the beach/shore.” She built her Postcards from Home yarn around this phrase.


The name of this colorway actually is “Down the Shore” and it’s in Ruth’s Shelley base, which is 4 oz/400 yards of 100% superwash merino. Her etsy shop is closed right now, but I’m certain it will be stocked with awesome stuff when she returns from vacation

Ruth was also kind enough to offer all of the clubbers free access to one of her paid patterns. I chose the Diamonds Modular Scarf (both Ravelry links) and I’m sure I’ll have fun with it sooner rather than later.


I’m off to the Lake for the Big Family Party on Saturday, then a week’s vacation with The Hubster. We’ll see what kind of trouble I can scare up while I’m in New York State!


Bezzie said...

We're going "down the shore" this weekend (didn't work last weekend due to weather) and I can attest that she nailed it dead on with that color. I'd also like to see a reddish-brown fuzzy mohairish yarn to capture the color of the creepy beach bum sun worshippers that are the same color. Or perhaps a big thickly spun very squishy pinkish-white color that bursts out of its label. To signify the pasty white chubby folks such as myself that are also there. Hee hee!

SJ said...

Have fun at the lake! We'll be looking forward to hearing stories when you get back.

turtlegirl76 said...

It is so pretty! It's a gentle colorway.

Jen said...

Such a pretty colorway. Have fun at the lake!

Knit Witch said...

OMG! We do have very similar colorways don't we? Great minds think alike I guess!! :)

Zonda said...

Love the colors! Have a good weekend!