Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Day 5: Olympic Update

I had an amazingly busy three-day weekend (Fri-Sun), and am starting to feel human again.

I did cast on my Northman Mittens (thanks for the pep-talk, everyone. I really appreciate it!) as the Olympic Cauldron was lit in Vancouver, then I essentially didn’t touch them again until Monday night. They’re going great, and I am so much happier with these mittens than I was with my Postwar Mittens. It’s not even close.

I split for the thumb on the right mitten last night. Here’s the palm:


And here’s the back:


I had a "Yikes! The cuff is rolling!" moment last night. Then I remembered that the lining will correct that issue. Yay, lining!

In other news, this is the 13th consecutive day of shoveling here at chez DPUTiger. My entire neighborhood is looking like an Icicle Factory. Here’s my house:


See that gigantic bank of icicles on the right-hand side? Between the big window for the TV room and the little window for the bathroom? The big boy in the middle has been touching the ground for three days now. Here’s a close-up:


And on that note, it’s time to bust out the snowblower. Again. I’d use the plywood, but it’s too hard to get the shoveled snow up-and-over the snow bank on the edge of the driveways. (Yes. Plural driveways. I'm doing mine and SuperNeighbor's) So I use the snowblower and wind up wearing as much as I clear, but it’s still better than shoveling. My wrists and lower back are fed up with the shoveling, but I'm feeling OK.

I love winter. I love snow. I am SO over the white stuff right now. Ugh.


pdxknitterati/MicheleLB said...

Just don't walk under the icicles. We had a big one like that last year...dangerous!

Donna Lee said...

I've had enough. I think it would be ok if it were spread out over the whole winter, not all in one week. I am tired of trying to get around and being aware of killer icicles hanging over my head. We have some large ones, too.