Friday, July 01, 2011


So the hot topic … well, the hot sweater at TNNA was unquestionably the swirl sweaters in Sandra McIver’s new book “knit, Swirl.”

I spent the last day-plus of the convention mentally auditioning dozens of yarns for my first Swirl Sweater.

I wound up landing somewhere completely different than where I started. Fortunately, that was (mostly) in my stash!


I’ll be working with Malabrigo Rios in the Paris Night colorway (the darker skeins) out of my stash, complemented by MadelineTosh DK in Composition Book Gray (the lighter skeins).

I bought the Rios, if I remember correctly, at Bloomin’s Black Friday sale. Of course, I loved the color and the Malabrigo colorways just glow in the Rios base.


On Sandra’s suggestion, my first Swirl will be a centered oval. Specifically, the plan is Copper Collage, which has a worsted/aran weight paired with a DK weight. I wanted contrast with both color and weight, so I picked the Composition Book.


I plan to swatch over the weekend at the Lake. Expect sunset pictures. Soon.


SJ said...

Great combination of colors! They're going to make a really spectacular sweater.

Hope you're enjoying the weekend at the lake! Looking forward to this year's sunset pictures.

Jenn said...

Wow, those colors are wonderful! I had not heard of this swirl book. Now I'm lost in the slideshow dreaming of the sweaters.