Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Van Buren Point, 2012

The Hubster and I didn’t spend nearly as much time as we would have liked at the Lake this summer, something we hope will change in 2013. But since I know I have at least one reader (Hi, SJ!) who enjoys my sunset photos, I figured I’d post a “highlights” from the year.

Our first trip was for July 4th. We went up early in order to attend a memorial dinner for a dear friend who passed away in February that was held on Monday the 2nd. The following night, we seem to have had a nice sunset.

We didn’t get up again in July, but attendance at our family’s Van Buren Point night party has always been mandatory (for us). The night before the August 4th party had another good sunset. It was too damn hot for it to be great, but this was my favorite shot from that particular evening.


I did make a quick trip up in late August, the week after my mom died. But I was only there for one night, and missed sunset because I was at dinner with wonderful family friends. The afterglow hinted that the sunset had been fantastic, but spending time with important people was far more important than getting my camera for sunset pictures.

A brief stay over Labor Day weekend yielded possibly the best sunset of the summer to my camera lens that Sunday night


And, finally, we never managed to catch a sunset during last week’s vacation, but our final morning dawned clear and cold. I got a few great shots just minutes before we packed up and headed back to the ‘Burgh. If it had been 20 degrees warmer, it would have been a perfect beach day.


Here’s hoping for many more sunsets in 2013.

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SJ said...

Great shots as always -- a very welcome sight on this gloomy day!