Monday, October 01, 2012

Ginormous Man Socks

Every year, I head to the Women’s College World Series with a plain vanilla sock plan. Most years, it’s too damn hot to even think about knitting, and I barely get a few stitches in.

This year, it was in the 50s in Oklahoma City in June. I was freezing, and knitting was helpful in many ways. Since I married a man who wears a US 11.5 wide, there was lots of knitting to be done, both at the WCWS and as I walked the floor at TNNA. The Hubster got a new pair of socks out of the bargain.


I used my favorite toe, a garter toe.


New Pathways heels are also my favorites. If you’re going to knit a gigantic sock, twice, then dammit you should do your favorite things. Especially when the recipient won’t wear colors.


I made the legs fairly tall, and increased a bit so they wouldn’t be overly tight on his calves. They took a while, but overall, I’d say they were a win.


So, now, my super-awesome husband has TWO pairs of handknit socks. Go, me.


Softball Socks 2012 
Pattern: Riverbed Master from New Pathways for Sock Knitters 
Yarn: Socks that Rock Mediumweight 
Color: Korppi 
Quantity: I used two skeins, one for each sock. Had leftovers on both. 
Needles: US 2/2.75mm for feet, US2.5/3.0mm for legs 
Started: 1 June 2012 
Finished: 13 July 2012


Donna Lee said...

My husband wears 10.5 wide shoes so yes, his socks are large, too. Fortunately, he will wear colors (well, manly colors) so it's not too bad. His favorite socks are red and orange and yellow-he calls them the Fire socks. I need to find more yarn in those colors as the Fire socks are wearing out.

SJ said...

My husband's feet aren't quite that huge, but he'll only wear black or gray and the socks have to be really plain. Fortunately he's declared that he has enough socks for now, so I'm off the hook for the time being.

I hope Hubster realizes how lucky he is to get STR socks!

Candace Belako said...

Awesome, Amy! Kudos for all of that knitting for one pair of feet. They look great.

My husband recently confessed that he doesn't want me to knit any more socks for him (what?!!?), but instead wants more sweaters (oi!), so I am envious of you.