Wednesday, June 27, 2012

WiP Wednesday

So last week got busy, then there was TNNA and I just didn’t manage to blog. Sorry! But, that means I have three different projects to show you today! So here’s where my Bigfoot Socks were a week ago:

After tons of time walking the floor at TNNA for a day and a half, much progress was made. Here’s how they looked this morning!


The first sock isn’t finished because I need the Hubster to try it on and see where it is falling on his leg. I have plenty of yarn to knit tall(ish) socks for him, but I don’t want to go too high and get stuck in mysterious calf shaping without the wearer around to try on the socks.

Of course, last Friday at knit night, I didn’t really want to work on the Hubster’s socks, but I had another long-languishing pair hanging around. So I picked up I.B. Footsie once again!


That’s the second sock and it is back in the round. Should be quick progress from here on out. I hope.

In other news, I got a little weaving done last week, which makes me really happy. It’s a table runner for a friend, and based on the twill sampler I did at Beginning Weaving Week at The Mannings two summers ago.


It’s quick progress when I have time to sit at my loom and weave. Here’s hoping I have more of that in the near future!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

A Great Birthday Treat

As you may remember, I had a birthday shortly before I departed for Oklahoma City.

One of my incredibly awesome Aunts sent me a birthday card. That’s something she always does, but this year she stuck a little money in the card. I didn’t think a whole lot about it while I was out of town, but yesterday I saw a story on NPR’s website that really caught my eye.

If you ask the Hubster, I guarantee he’ll say I already have too many mugs in this house. But when I found the mugs on Starbucks’ website, they’re just $10. And since the aunt who supplied the nice birthday gift doesn’t buy anything made in China, I think she’ll approve of my purchase.


I love it. It has already gotten a bath and is ready for action. Yay, East Liverpool, Ohio! And YAY to a big corporation helping out a little guy. THAT is something I'm completely willing to support financially.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

WiP Wednesday

Well hello there! Trip went well. OKC was unseasonably cool, so I actually did a little knitting during the tournament:


Plain vanilla New Pathways “Riverbed” socks for the Hubster. Yes, they’re huge. He has gigantic ski feet. There was one evening in particular that if I could have covered myself in wool, I totally would have done so. Yes, it was 55ยบ in Oklahoma City. In June. Which would have been fine if I had packed for that weather. But I didn’t.

Oh yeah, and speaking of packing, I spent the first night in Oklahoma without my checked bag. Wasn’t the fault of the airline. Local delivery dude flipped my bag with someone else’s. Joy. But it all turned out OK. Since I returned home last Thursday, I’ve returned to my Color Affection shawl. And now? I’m back to where I was when I ripped it out.


I still love the new navy. Which isn’t surprising since it’s from one of my favorite dyers. I may go past the prescribed 2” and just use most of the skein. We’ll see what I decide when I get there.