Friday, May 16, 2008

So. Much. Better.

Today was not only bearable, it was pretty enjoyable. Much cooler. Web access too.

I even made it back to the hotel in time to watch the end of the Penguins game. And honestly? I had to miss all of games 2 and 3 and most of game 4, so I’m kind of OK with the fact that they lost tonight because it means that I can watch most if not all of Game 5 after I get home on Sunday.

Still not much knitting time, but I did get the “big work project” finished today, so YAY! And having web access made the day much more enjoyable.

We did have a weather delay today. I know there are only about three people who read this blog who will appreciate the hilarity of these “tarps” but this was during our weather delay

And then here’s the WiP photo I was going to show you yesterday.

This photo hides my one uncrossed cable that I decided I don't care about, and I have 7 of the 11 “back of sock” ridges completed, so this will be easy to finish by the time I get home. Yay!

Here’s hoping that tomorrow is more like today than yesterday.

I’ll try to take more facility pictures tomorrow so RT can show you around. We’re past the halfway point, and that makes me happy. Have a great weekend!


turtlegirl76 said...

Now, I don't know much about baseball, but the tarps look a bit wee, no? The sock is looking lovely!

SJ said...

Oh no, it's raining! Must cover the bases and nothing else!

Last night's game was pretty horrendous, but I'm gonna say the same thing I said after they lost the one game to the Rangers -- they just want to come home to win the series!

Carol said...

Very localized rain at that game! I love your sock.