Wednesday, July 23, 2008

l’Alpe d’Huez

I just finished watching the l’Alpe d’Huez stage of the Tour de France. I love watching this race, particularly this stage. It’s so exciting! Saturday’s ITT (that’s code for Individual Time Trial) will be amazing too. I can’t wait!

Oh yeah … since many people asked, there was one golfer within 2” of the hole on 15, but there were no holes in one on any of the four par-three holes at the golf tournament on Monday.

Looks like we’re headed to the Lake this weekend. Calm before the storm, as it were. This weekend it’ll be the Hubster and I, and probably my brother and sister in law. The Parentals will be staying in Pittsburgh. Next weekend? It’ll be a total zoo. All six of the “immediate” family in the house plus five guests since next Saturday is the big party.

Nothing exciting happened here today. Landscaping Dude got half the front of the house finished but he was down to two virtual rookies as a staff, so it’s not done yet. Hopefully tomorrow.

I zipped down to Bloomin’ but missed the Sprout KAL group. Hung out for a bit anyway, which was very fun. I’m almost to the ribbing on the second Black Sock of Doom, so I’d best wind and split the yarn for my next project so I’m all stocked up for the Lake this weekend.

And since I’d best get this posted before it’s completely outdated, here’s Roaming Tigger’s trip to the Heinz History Center from Sunday!

There weren’t a ton of photo-ops, but he had a good time anyway. We started at the top of the building (and that’s one impressive and beautiful building!) and worked down. Just above the elevators, RT got his first photo-op of the day.

Hey! A former Fortune 500 Company!

Somewhere in the middle of the museum, we found one of the cool decorated dinosaurs

Amy (DPUTiger, your friendly neighborhood blog author) was Stanly Stegosaurs in the first grade play and still remembers her Dinosaur song!

Unsurprisingly, we then spent a big chunk of time in the Sports Museum portion of the program, where RT got to pretend he was Tommy Barrasso

Oops. I should have had RT standing on his head! ;-)

On the way downstairs to get back to the entrance, I noticed another former employer of a family member

Good ‘ol US-double cross! (U.S. Steel became USX, with a logo like this)

RT then played in the Trolley

He’s either going dahntahn or to the Neighborhood of Make-Believe!

And he got a cool picture with the Heinz Hitch. Wish I had seen that sucker in action!

Good Things for the Table!

We enjoyed our trip to the South Side and the museum. In fact, we enjoyed it enough that we decided to become members! So basically? We’ll be back!


SJ said...

Whatever happened to Tommy Barrasso? Hmmm.

I've got to get back to the history center one of these days. There are so many cool things to do in this city and I haven't done them since I was a kid! (I think the last time I was at the history center was for a work event that ended badly -- remind me to tell you the story.)

Trillian42 said...

Damn. That made me homesick. :)