Wednesday, July 09, 2008

SOS#2: Tall Tibetian Coriolis

Yes, I have finished my second pair of SOS socks and am now knitting away on pair No. 3.

Oh, and the Hubster would like me to inform all of you that he did not eat any of the peppermint patties destined for the brownies on Friday night. He mentioned that someone related to me may have helped themselves to a peppermint patty or two. He’s probably right. :-)

I’m also counting this pair of socks for the TDF KAL. It’s what I was knitting when the Tour started. And it utilizes my criteria for my tenuous tie to the Tour de France … it’s knit with Farmhouse Yarns and the peloton cycles past lots and lots of farms during le Tour. Right? Right!


These are my second attempt at Coriolis socks, and I really like them.

I used my new favorite toe-up toe again … the Garter Toe. The more I use it, the more I adore it. Yes, I have yet to wear these socks for a full day, but as anyone who deals with fabric knows, putting something on the bias is the best way to get it to conform to anything. And this toe? It’s a garter square with the bias going across the tips of your toes. What’s not to love?

I turned the heel on these, knit about 1.5” of stockingette then went to a 3x1 rib with about 2” of 1x1 rib at the very top of the sock. Yes, I copied Turtlegirl’s Sister Socks (Ravelry link since I couldn't find the FO post on her blog. Yes, I'm lazy) for this idea. So?

I also used my new favorite bind-off for toe-up socks, a double-stranded bind off, all knit. EZ’s sewn bind-off is definitely the stretchiest but I don’t think it has a particularly “clean” look. I use a significantly larger needle for this bind-off along with two strands of yarn, and I love how it looks. And, if I’m really careful to concentrate on being loose instead of tight, it fits well too. I’m still searching for the “perfect” toe-up bind-off, but

Since I copped out the last time I used this yarn and made the shortest socks in my personal history. The Fountain Foxgloves are little too short, actually. I didn’t want to leave any excuses for this pair, but what I discovered is that the amount of yarn on this skein was monstrous. I have a ton of leftovers, but that’s OK.

Pattern: Tall Tibetian Coriolis from Cat Bordhi’s New Pathways for Sock Knitters
Yarn: Farmhouse Yarns Bo Peep’s
Color: Old Glory
Source: Bloomin’ Yarns, McMurray, Pa.
Needles: KnitPicks 16” US2/3.0mm (2 circs)
Started: 29 June 2008
Finished: 7 July 2008
Summer of Socks Counter: Pair #2


SJ said...

Those those nice and squishy! And very patriotic, too!

Trillian42 said...

Very cute! And I must admit, I'm intrigued by that toe...

Donna Lee said...

The socks are very french! All red white and blue so they qualify twice for the Tour (what with the farmhouse link and all!). I love them. I think I need to order that book. I've seen some interesting patterns come out of it.