Sunday, April 06, 2008

Finished Fountain Foxgloves!

Yesterday, I spoke with Carol Martin of Farmhouse Yarns about her Bo Peep's yarn.

She explained why it’s so “rustic” (her description, and a very good one, by the way!). She doesn’t believe in superwash wool because it’s to hard on the environment, so Bo Peep’s is 80/20 wool/nylon. It’s washable because of the nylon content and how it’s made.

And these socks will wear like iron. Carol likes a very firm sock, as I do, and she examined my finished first sock along with my nearly finished second sock. She approved and said these socks will never wear out. I’d have to guess she’s right. :-)

These were a pretty quick knit. I figured out pretty fast that doing the “official” Fountain Foxglove patterning on top was pretty worthless, but I did it anyway. The stitch work just gets lost in this particular variegated yarn

Carol tells me that they’ll soften up a bit with washing. They aren’t uncomfortable now. I like a closely fitted sock and these fit the bill. Like all the other socks I’ve knit from New Pathways, they fit great.

Pattern: Fountain Foxgloves from Cat Bordhi’s New Pathways for Sock Knitters
Yarn: Farmhouse Yarns Bo Peep’s
Color: Storm
Source: Bloomin’ Yarns, McMurray, Pa.
Needles: KnitPicks 16” US2/3.0mm
Sock 1 Started/Finished: 24 March/30 March 2008
Sock 2 Started/Finished: 30 March/6 April 2008
Mods: None

Just made ‘em a little shorter than my normal socks. Mostly because I wanted to be done with them. I had plenty of yarn to go taller, but these are just fine.

Next project is already on the needles, but you’ll have to wait to see what it is. One hint: it's not a sock! Hope you had a good weekend!


turtlegirl76 said...

You're just a sock knitting machine! They look they they are a great fit. And even if the patterning gets lost, ah well. Still looks neat and makes them special.

SJ said...

Wow, you are fast. Didn't you just have a toe of sock #2 on Wednesday?

In any case, they look great, and they certainly felt like they will hold up to a lot of wearing!

MollyBeees said...

Wow! Those are great! Love the pattern and the color! I have got to get that sock book!