Thursday, April 03, 2008

Enabler Alert

OK. First, this has nothing to do with yarn or fabric.

I highly recommend that you either read this or, even better, listen to this. It’s OK. I’ll wait.


OK. Welcome back. ☺ Pretty awesome, huh? I thought so when I heard it on NPR last night. There’s a reason Wait Wait won a Peabody!

I forgot to take pictures of my sock-in progress. Picture the same thing as last week, just on the second sock and three pattern repeats farther up. I’m gonna turn the heel tonight after I post to ye olde bloggity blog.

And then I’ll fly up the leg of the sock (I didn’t make the first sock very high. Mostly because I wanted it to be finished) and be done.

Next pair of socks will be the final architecture from New Pathways, and I’ll use the February shipment from my Zen Yarn Garden Harmony Semi-Solid sock yarn club. That I apparently forgot to photograph. If the weather is decent, I’ll do that tomorrow but meanwhile, here's the Flickr photo from the Harmony blog.

Meanwhile, I just want to tell everyone how freakin’ great this sock club has been. As a reminder, here’s my January shipment

And here’s my March shipment. Roxanne had a supplier problem and this is a brand new base yarn. Tencelicious Yarn, 50% Superwash Merino, 50% Tencel. 2-ply fingering weight. 375 yards/4 oz. Colorway is called "Sun Kiss."

This has been a fantastic sock yarn club. Sign-ups are open now (until Sunday) for three-month and six-month memberships in the club. Go! You will like!

Last night was Hurricane Knitters at the Waterworks B&N. I do believe that a good time was had by all, including Yvonne, who had some automotive nightmares en route. I still really enjoy that group of humans. It’s a good mix of people.

OK. That’s about all I have for tonight. Sorry I haven’t been much fun. I did swing down to Bloomin' Yarns tonight. The sale is already going on, and it’s pretty good. Michelle even got some new bags in to the store today. One is already sitting on the stairs waiting to come home with me … last night I re-discovered some Christmas present gift cards from BY that really want to be spent. I’ll bring my mini-haul home on Saturday. Remember, birthday cake, Carol Martin from Farmhouse Yarns and ME if you stop by the store on Sunday!


floribunda said...

oh great -- yet another blog to add to my bloglines list! I love Peter Sagal, though. And that orange yarn is very yummy. The best LYS is having a big sale, and I'm trying to avoid going...

SJ said...

So wish I could sign up for the club and make it to BY. Well, I guess I could go to BY if I wanted to, but I'm afraid of what might happen to my wallet if I did. Must. Save. For. New. House.

Thank you for letting me pet your yarn the other night. That merino/tencel is so yummy that I had to restrain myself from licking it. It does look rather like orange sherbet, don't you think?