Wednesday, March 26, 2008

WiP Wednesday: Foxglove

Yes, it’s another Cat Bordhi sock. Did you expect any different?

It’s going to be Fountain Foxgloves and I’m using Farmhouse Bo Peep in the Storm colorway. I fell in love with this yarn when I saw Melissa knitting with it at Hurricane Knitters back in January.

It’s going very quickly and I love the colors. The feel is about a C+ or a B- It’s OK, but it’s not great. I have one more skein of this that I will knit up, but then when I want a heavier weight yarn for socks, I’ll be reaching for that Boomerang again.

In other news, I finally made an office supply run on Monday and I got sucked in by a calculator.


Because it converts English to and from Metric! This one is totally going to be living in my knitting bag!

Oh, and remember my adorable new neighbor? She’s getting big!

She’s a big gold ball of energy

I can’t wait to puppy-sit!


Trillian42 said...

Ooh - an English-Metric converter? VERY cool!

And OMG that puppy is such a cutie! Rub that belly from me!

floribunda said...

great socks! I can't believe how fast you are with them. I started my jaywalkers, and they are a big PITA. Can you say frog? can you say it again? It appears I can't count to 7 consistently...

Jenn said...

OMG, she's turning into a pony! So cute!

SJ said...

I didn't know there were calculators that did that! I always go to Google for conversions, but a calculator would be so much better!

Puppy? Probably the cutest ever.

Yvonne said...

HELLO, I must have that calculator! Coolness!!

Jess said...

What do they feed that pup!?
I love that you are making all of the Cat socks, I enjoy reading and seeing them take shape. What's the best to start with?

MollyBeees said...

OMGosh! That puppy is the cutest EVER! I love the calculator! I'll have to keep my eye out for one! I never knew such a miracle machine existed!

Teen Knit Rock said...

That puppy is SOO cute! And the yarn of the sock is VERY pretty- love the blues :)