Thursday, March 20, 2008

Things I Know

• Staying up until 3 am is much more fun if you are knitting/quilting/reading a good book/hanging out with friends than it is if you are working.

• Working until 3 am is OK if you can do it in your sweats/PJs and it buys 24-36 hours of guilt-free field trip with mom and aunt.

• Barnes & Noble sucks. First the one at South Hills Village was mean enough to my closest-to-home knit group that they moved to the nearby Borders. Now, the host B&N for Hurricane Knitters has decided to close (along with almost all the other 'Burgh B&N locations) at 9 pm instead of 10. They made this change on Sunday and only had teenytiny signs announcing the fact. We were all surprised when they announced at 8:55 pm that they were closing in five minutes [side note: the collective "WHAT?!?!?!" from our string of tables was probably pretty amusing]

• Giant Eagle didn't like that five of us sat in the cafe to talk and knit for an hour or so until our normal departure time. They sent a scary-looking employee to watch us until we left.

• I am probably going to be not-quite-ready when mom and aunt show up unless I wrap this up NOW.

• I am picking up my pineapple quilt today from the machine quilter. Yay!

• I had several other good ideas for this bullet-point list, but it was 3 am and sleep was a higher priority. Sorry!


MollyBeees said...

Yeah, I'm not a fan of B&N's customer service skills either. Panera seems to treat folks better if you have one by you.

Anonymous said...

It was great seeing you last night after your long absence! Even though B&N Sucks. I hope we move to Caribou Coffee next time!!

Jenn said...

I was awake until 3 AM too, but it was only because I couldn't get comfortable enough to sleep. I hate that! Have fun at the lake!

Jess said...

wow shame on B and N.
what machine quilter do you send your stuff to?
I was up at 3 am because the people upstairs were having sex too loud and woke me up. Definitely a not good reason to be awake at that hour either.

SJ said...

What is it that's so threatening about a group of women with some yarn? I will never understand these places -- we come in, we buy things, and they find ways to kick us out! Ugh.

Can't wait to see your quilt!