Saturday, March 08, 2008

Apostrophes R Us

This is just for SJ.

And it's a lovely little sample of my life this weekend.

This (obviously) is in the press box. Actually on the window of the field I've been using as my "office" for the last few days.

And, this one is on one of the (many) entrances to the facility. Oh, and the identical sign is at every entrance.

And, just so my employer can fit right in, here are the plaques for the trophies we'll be handing out tomorrow.

The photography isn't the greatest (sorry, low battery + tired + trying to be a little sly, but hopefully you get the picture) Nice, huh? (we can get the plate changed out)

Two more sleeps. :)


Trillian42 said...

OMG. I'd have such a hard time not figuring a way to correct those signs.

Of course, I'd just keep giggling at the plaques...

Yvonne said...

(chanting) two more sleeps! two more sleeps! Those plaques are awesome. And whoa, who made those signs??! Yeesh!!

Jenn said...

In the first picture, the lines of text touching other lines of text is making me twitchy. Watch those descenders, people!

SJ said...

Can you hear my groans from there?

Oy. It's because of people who make signs like those that I have a job.