Monday, March 03, 2008

Making Progress

Please pretend that right here, there's a picture of RT lounging on the plush bed in the Columbus, Ga., Marriott. I can't find the card reader for my camera right now, but I'll post the pic later if the card reader is where I think it is.

I survived the first tournament of this trip. It was actually kind of fun to see a lot of people, and I've learned that it's a damn good thing that I telecommute, or the crazy would really bother me. I can take the crazy in small doses, but I have my limits.

I did manage to finish my first Ocean Toes sock on Thursday night, and thanks to my mini book light, got in five hours of knitting on sock No. 2 on the drive from Columbus, Ga., to Starkville, Miss., last night. If I can find the card reader, I'll try to take a picture of the finished sock "on the hoof" as it looks like ass right now just lazing around. I've started the arch expansion of OT2, so progress is being made. I'm probably going to have to downshift to single socks if I'm going to have samples of all architechtures from New Pathways when my class starts.

Sleep has been optional, but I'm adjusting to that too. One more day in the "home office" in Starkville, then it's off to Panama City Beach. Here's hoping that's a little less stressful.

Seven Sleeps 'Till Home!


Jenn said...

Seven more? Holy crap.

SJ said...

Yikes! I can only begin to imagine all the crazy! It's a good thing you can come and knit with us soon, so we can try to wipe that crazy off of you. (People should really keep their crazy to themselves.)

Yvonne said...

Here's hoping that the 7 sleeps go quickly!! I am voting for a welcome home knitting session somewhere. :)