Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Grownups Live Here

Today (Monday) was a routine day with lots of little hiccups. I wanted to work out this morning, but I stayed up too late last night (baking Snickerdoodles. At least they turned out pretty well), so I wussed out. Dammit.

My day was planned around delivery dudes for my new bedroom furniture. Their delivery window was from 10:30-12:30. They showed up at 1. And stayed until 3. *sigh*

Then they dropped a piece of the metal frame that was being moved into a different room to vacate the space for the new bed. We have hardwood floors in the master bedroom. When the metal bedframe piece hit the wood, it took out a dime-sized chunk on one end and and a chunk about half that size when the other end hit.

Fortunately, Delivery Dudes were immediately apologetic and immediately called their boss. I’ll be hearing from their wood repair guy, who will fix the big blue painters tape X’s on my floor free of charge. Gotta say that they handled that mishap as professionally as I could possibly have asked. What a change from my LA experiences!

The interior designer we are working with showed up for the “installation.” We changed where the new dresser is going in the room, so it’s probably a good thing that we started with just the bed and dresser. We had discussed getting an armoire, but it may not fit with how the room is coming together. We’ll figure it out soon. That is, if we ever sell the house in LA!

Delivery Dudes put the bed together first. I think it looks pretty damn good, and is a big step forward from the frame-only look I’ve been going with for 11 years (translation: as long as I have owned my own bed). See? Grown-ups really do live here! It’s not just all hand-me-down furniture any more!

Taking this picture reminded me that I really want to get back to my Starr Designs block-a-month. I want that to be a good winter quilt, hopefully with a wool batting so it will be warm for winter. Oh, and it has to have a flannel back. I love this quilt, but it SLIDES. Big-time. Most nights, one of us wakes up quilt-free because it has slid entirely off our side of the bed. I’m hoping that once it gets cool enough for a blanket in addition to the sheet, that will help with traction.

Here’s a shot of the entire dresser

A close-up (below) of the drawers and top

Oh ... it looks goofy because it was waxed just before it left the gallery showroom, and everything I took the time to try had some sort of haze or glare on it. I didn't have time to really mess with it. I got on the road to the Lake three hours later than I had hoped. Oh well.

And one of the inlay on the corner of a drawer. There is inlay on each side, the top, and on the front of each drawer.

If I ever start feeling REALLY ambitious, I could probably make a quilt off of that inlay design. Don’t hold your breath.

Oh, and here’s proof that I put the last border on the Pineapple Quilt:

It’s going to Quilted Memories tomorrow so I can “quilt by check.” On this particular project, that prospect makes me very happy.


Jen said...


That's a lovely dresser - absolutely begging for its own quilt! :)

SJ said...

I love how you keep sneaking other gorgeous quilts into your photos. The one on the bed is spectacular, even if it does keep sliding off!

floribunda said...

I love your new furniture -- especially the dresser. And I do know what you mean bout "grownup" furnishings! We sleep on a bed that Al made out of old red cedar fence materials (before I met him) -- it practically requires a ladder to get into! Somehow I know we're never going to trade that in for something less funky...

Jess said...

oh my GOSH you are amazingly talented. Those quilts rock my socks off.