Sunday, September 30, 2007

Meet Bartholomew I

Yep. I finished my first Cat Bordhi sock from New Pathways. It’s “Bartholmew’s Tantalizing Socks” and is (obviously) the first of a pair. Yarn is “Tour de France” from Yarn Nerd (hi, Adam!) :)

Modeling said sock are my awesome Turtle Daddy Sock Blockers. Just to show them off a little bit more, here’s my previous sock FO: The Fleece Artist socks (check here for the stats. They were on the hoof before.)

Bordhi has a really good tutorial on concealing wrapped stitches while working short rows. In the back of the book on her “master reinforced heel” instructions, she suggests this to lift the wraps up onto your needle. Since that was something I had muddled through on the baby practice socks, so I busted out my coil-free safety pins. It certainly made it easier.

I cranked on this thing. Started it on Tuesday, did the arch expansion on Friday, turned the heel on Saturday and finished the foot today. I'm not sure why it went so fast, but I'm not complaining!

In other news…

** The Hubster wasn’t feeling well yesterday, so we skipped the Clarks concert/Pirates game. I’m sure everyone here is tired of The Clarks, but the only time I saw them was in front of less than 100 people at The Troubadour in LA. A cool atmosphere, but I’d like to see them in front of a group of their fans one of these days.

** I enjoyed the Bloomin’ Yarns knit night, but was disappointed that Michelle’s quilting client wasn’t there. I really miss my M&Ms quilting buddies back in Los Angeles. I am not getting a lot of quilting done, and I think a lot of that goes back to the fact that right now I have knitting friends but no quilting friends. This morning, I got an email from Carol with minutes from the last M&Ms meeting. There are very few things I miss about LA, but I’d have to say that 95% of those “things” are people. Very special people that I miss a lot.

** We leave on Thursday to go to Little Rock for my brother in law’s wedding. Although I seem to have found a yarn store with good online reviews in a location that will be able to visit (here … sometimes that link works, sometimes it doesn’t), we’re going to be in LR for about 72 hours. I’m taking lots of knitting and can hopefully get enough stretches of “alone time” to keep my sanity.

** I SWEAR. Jerome Bettis is using a Sharpie on his head to disguise a retreating hairline. It’s all I can see when he’s on camera with Sunday Night Football. Dude, just leave it alone.

** If you like bratwurst, get these. Don’t waste your time and money with these. Trust me.

** Our household had a 1-4 weekend with “our teams.” Both of our alma maters and both of our pro teams lost. The only win was my former employer. The silver lining? Those arrogant Chargers lost too. I had such a rotten experience at Qualcomm last year and had to work with a truly obnoxious “fan” (SuperIntern), so I’m quite happy to see the bolts struggle.

** Comment readers will have noticed that several people have been including those goofy verification words. I commented on Jenn’s blog that those buggers are rather entertaining to me and I think we should all share the goofiness. :)

That’s about it from here. Hope y’all had a good weekend!


turtlegirl76 said...

Yay sock blockers! I'm still on the arch expansion on mine but that's because I've been working on Cherie Amour. =)

SJ said...

Great sock. I love the cuff!

Melissa said...

You know, my husband and were having the Jerome Bettis discussion yesterday too! There is absolutely NO WAY that his natural hairline is perfectly perpendicular to his sideburns. That just doesn't naturally occur!

Love the new socks, btw. Which "sockitecture" are they?

Yvonne said...

I love the sock! I need that damn book. Hopefully I'll snag one at Rhinebeck.

ivdskg - not a very exciting word today.