Saturday, September 08, 2007

A Good Time Was Had By All

Last night, the Hubster and I joined my brother and sis-in-law at Kennywood for the Great Kennywood Caper, a fundraiser for the Consortium for Public Education.

Beer was consumed, even by RT. Rollercoasters were ridden. Hubsters were in a good mood (unlike our last trip). We had a great time. I was particularly happy because I was able to ride all the coasters. The Jack Rabbit (twice), the Racer, the Thunderbolt (three times) and the Phantom’s Revenge (twice).

Actually, Erin and I finished the night with consecutive rides on the Thunderbolt, both in the front seat of the car, since nobody else was there when we walked up. When we got back, there wasn’t anyone waiting, so we walked right back up to the front and got back in the front seat. We were the only people in the entire car, so that loop was just us! The Hubster (who rode the Jack Rabbit once and the Thunderbolt once. I was proud of him!) and my brother were waiting for us at the ride’s entrance, and Hubster busted out the camera as Erin and I came into the station after our second ride.

Despite how this photo looks, I think Colin (my brother) had fun too.

This morning, I hauled my sorry butt out of bed and met Jen at Knit One.

I was going to get some great worsted weight Claudia Handpainted that was 50% off, but there were only six skeins (about 1,000) after Mz Indecisive decided which two of the eight were her favorites (that took 40 minutes) and that even though she had no clue what she was going to do with said yarn, she was going to get the ones that were identical. Dude. They’re HAND PAINTED. By definition, that means they WON’T be identical!

Anyhoo, I talked to her and said “If you aren’t going to get it, I’ll take it all and make a sweater, but if you’re getting two, then I won’t have enough yardage.” She didn’t really get that, so I walked away. No biggie.

I managed to talk myself into getting the remaining 1,000 yards of that yarn and finding something to stripe it with, but when I picked up those six skeins, I noticed they were already starting to pill a little bit. I’m not going to buy yarn for a sweater that’s pilling before I even knit it!

So I got six skeins of Noro Silk Garden that is going to grow up to be a Lady E, and a handful of blue vareigated cotton/viscose that will be a scrap sweater to make Irma proud.

I also got the new Cat Bordhi sock book. HOLY CRAP. I mean, I had heard nothing but good reviews about this book, but now that I have it in my hot little hands and have read part of it? W. O. W. I’ll use the crap out of this thing.

Then I field tripped to The Quilt Company in Allison Park. It’s a very nice little shop with THREE classroom spaces. The owner designs fabrics and patterns for Timeless Treasures and is very nice. I’ll visit again soon, I just wish it was closer!!

Hubster and I have to go to the Pirates game tonight. Can our luck hold on the weather? Let’s hope so. Still haven’t touched the Pineapple. Maybe tomorrow.


turtlegirl76 said...

Speaking of the Cat Bordhi book. Your markers and blockers will go out monday. I think a few days outside on the patio have gone far towards de-stinkifying and hardening the poly layers. They look great!

SJ said...

Sorry I missed the big Knit One trip! Will you bring the Cat Bordhi book to the next knit night for us lame people who've never seen it to look through? Pretty please?

Yvonne said...

I'm with SJ -- PLEASE bring the book to knit night! I am dying to get my hands on it.