Sunday, September 23, 2007

It’s a Puzzle

Well, today I completed my last day of work until November. There’s an “available” work day on Oct. 7, but I’ll be on an airplane coming back from Little Rock, Ark., in honor of my brother in law’s wedding so I’ll just have to catch the highlights.

Today, I took the yarn and needles for my plain-vanilla sock with me to the game. While casting on and creating the toe to this sock, I started thinking about the yummy Fiesta Boomerang in my other GoKnit bag, which is destined for the free Southwestern Socks patterns that Wendy created for the Summer of Socks (free pattern available at The Loopy Ewe).

That's Stay-at-Home-Eeyore modeling my Regia sock toe.

The Boomerang is a truly yummy sportweight yarn, and it should go relatively quickly. But still. What have I truly been itching to work on? Something, anything, from New Pathways.

That’s when it hit me. Just because I had previously had Southwestern Socks next in my mental queue, why the crap does it have to stay that way?

So while I watch the Bears-Cowboys game with one eye (the Hubster is a Bears fan. I’m sure I’ll be alerted if there’s something I need to see) and disc 6 of Heroes on my laptop, I’ll be swatching some Yarn Nerd, and I’m makin’ something from New Pathways, dammit! Suggestions are welcome, but the fewer “holes” (yes, that means you, YO!) the better :)

More exciting pictures soon. I’m going to the Lake tomorrow (Monday) morning so I can see two of my favorite humans one last time before they go south (Tampa) for the winter. Not sure how long I’ll stay. I’ll figure it out later.

But I promise, I’m taking plenty of yarn.


funfairiegirl said...

I was going to mention the rushing rivulets in New Pathways until you said no YOs. those were a SUPER easy pattern, went FAST and I really enjoyed them. If you are using a handpaint or varigated, try the jeweled steps, which I think will be soon on my list. Or the linen stitch ones, which I can't remember the name of at the moment, but are VERY cool.

SJ said...

Sorry I can't make a suggestion, as I don't have the book yet. (I am going to order it once we're back from the honeymoon -- I hope by then it will be in stock!) I'm excited to see what you choose!

Yvonne said...

that braided sock from new pathways is my choice...!

turtlegirl76 said...

I'm doing that Bartholomew's sock in the sky sock architechture with the Panda. It's purty!