Monday, September 03, 2007

This is the End …

Of the summer, at least.

Yeah, I know the equinox and the "true" end of summer isn’t for a few more weeks, but today was Labor Day, and summer as I’ve always known it at the Lake is o-v-e-r. The cottage across the street is closed for the winter. All the furniture inside is covered in plastic for the winter.

The plants on the back and front of the house are covered in burlap, protection from the tough weather that will come straight off the lake this winter.

I'd say that 90% of the people who are here during a "normal" summer weekend are gone. It's just the year-round folks and the people who live "for real" in Dunkirk or Fredonia or somewhere else relatively local.

I’m here until Wednesday afternoon, when I’ll leave in time to meet up with the Hurricane Knitters. I have Pittsburgh Stuff Fri-Sat-Sun next weekend, but will probably come up during the week a few more times, because I can.

I literally don’t remember the last time I was here even a day past Labor Day, if ever. It’s quite possible that I’ve never been here past Labor Day. Obviously, I spent the last eight years in LA. Before that, I know I was never here past Labor Day while I was working at Akron, Minnesota or Florida. I’ve never been up to close for the winter. Maybe this year.

It was really quiet up here today. My dad left early to go home. Hubster stayed up here through dinner. It was too cold to go to the beach, so I’ve been watching the Heroes DVDs that I have from Netflix and knitting.

On Saturday while I was in Akron, my parents went to a combo 90th birthday/65th anniversary party down the street up here, with a Hawaiian theme (their cottage is named “HAWAII.” Erin (sis-in-law) decided that RT needed to model the lei.

And, at the Annual Meeting on Saturday, we received our trophy from the big Trivia win over 4th of July weekend. Yay! :)

Here’s tonight’s sunset. It’s a little creepy that I almost always wind up using the first shot I take. MollyBees asked if I used any camera tricks for the sunset shot on my last post. Nope. It was just that orange in the sky that night.

Sorry I was off the grid for so long. I’ll do a catch-up post tomorrow for my Akron trip. Hope you all had a great holiday weekend!


SJ said...

I think you must be a natural at taking pictures of the sunset -- you've got another gorgeous shot!

Ian said...

Great photos!

You cracked me up with "Crappity Doo Dah!" :^)