Thursday, September 20, 2007

RT in Hiding

Roaming Tigger joined the Hurricane Knitters last night at the Waterworks Barnes & Noble. RT is usually a pretty easygoing guy, but he is a little overwhelmed what with three Frank Lloyd Wright houses and a Knitting Night all in five short days.

That’s Melissa’s laceweight baby alpaca he’s wearing as a hat. (Sorry, I don’t know what Melissa’s blog address is!) I’m sure you’ll see more RT photos on Jenn and Yvonne’s blogs once they get around to documenting last night’s fun. A good time was had by all!

So standing in for RT today is his cousin, Stay-At-Home Eeyore.

I picked up these two books last night at B&N. At one point, I had all four James Herriot books in paperback, but at least one has gone missing and for less than $10 in hardback for two books? I figured ‘why not.’

The second book was the one Yarn Harlot book that I didn’t already own. I flipped through it before the rest of the knitters appeared and decided to bring it home.

I finished the first pair of “test socks” from the New Pathways book. One on DPNs and one on two circs (lemme tell ya … using a 36” circ isn’t ideal, but it was certainly functional).

I cast on the first of the Little Coriolis socks last night. I’m really digging all of these socks so far.

Oh, and in case you’re curious, this Eeyore is anatomically correct …

His tail comes off!

My pathetic little list for today is to accomplish the following:

1. Get the TV room “gutted” of knitting stuff and put back together. (It's almost 2 pm. This might get turfed to Friday)
2. Sweat (gotta get back in that workout routine!)
3. Determine a plan of attack for clothes shuffling into the new dresser
4. Take out the trash before leaving to pick up the Hubster at 5:45.

Why am I picking up the Hubster? We’re going to see The Chief tonight. It’s a one-man, one-act play that I’ve heard many good things about, so we’re gonna go!

Oh, and since I’m feeling like a whiny bump on a log, one more gripe. I made a KnitPicks order on Sunday night (mostly needles, which is why I’m like a puppy at the door waiting for them). I got shipping confirmations from both The Loopy Ewe and KnitPicks on Tuesday morning. TLE ships from St. Louis and I got that yesterday. KP ships from Ohio. No sign yet. *sigh*


Jenn said...

The first time I ordered from Knit Picks, my stuff showed up right away but the last few times, it's taken them a bit to ship it. And don't even get me started about how it hangs out in Leetsdale for a few days.

Kim said...

Yvonne sent me over so I could check out Taliban Tiger. Eeyore is cute too. I am so tempted to buy New Pathways at my SnB tonight!!! It's calling to me.

SJ said...

Jenn's right -- watch out for the people in Leetsdale. They really like knitting stuff, and they like to hang on to it for a while.

I expect Taliban Tigger will soon be sending out manifestos from his cave?

Melissa said...

Man, if only my Islam professor could see me now.

mehitabel said...

Friend had to wait almost 10 days for her KnitPicks order, and she was foaming at the mouth the whole time! But her needles are beautiful. I think they just bog down with a new introduction and it takes a little longer to ship. Webs isn't super-speedy either. On the other hand, Zappos will have your shoes to you in a day or less! Now if they only sold lovely needles...