Thursday, September 06, 2007

White Noise

That’s all that’s been in my head for the last 48 hours. Nothing interesting. Nothing functional. Nothing productive. Ugh. Here’s a small recap of the boring-ness:

My in-progress second Fleece Artist sock.

The Steelers Scarf looks exactly the same as it did last week. No new photo-op

Here’s the Booga Bag that has been satiating my appetite for thinking-free stockingette in the round (love it!).

I could take a picture of my Pineapple Quilt that has 2 of its 3 borders applied. Maybe tomorrow when it gets that third border. (any of my quilty readers remember a source for 108” wide backing fabric? This thing is gonna be 90x102)

I went to Hurricane Knitters last night and observed Calvin’s spectacular plaid clam-digger pants. I got home and watched the Federer-Roddick match.

I got up today and opened my box from The Loopy Ewe that will make spectacular YPF for tomorrow. Wow. Sheri wrote a note on my invoice that I “caught some fun things” on last week’s Sneak-Up. Boy oh boy is she right!

Now I just need to kick the sock knitting into high gear so I can take a hack at the whole shelf of really neat sock yarn that’s just sitting on the shelf to my left and making me drool.

Sorry I don’t have anything interesting today. Maybe tomorrow before our Kennywood trip. But I really need to scrub bathrooms if I’m going to field trip to Knit One with SJ (hmmm ... is she still SJ?) and Jen on Saturday. Ahh, the decisions …


Jenn said...

He was wearing plaid clam diggers? Oh man, I picked a bad week to be sick...

SJ said...

Okay, you really need to give us some close-ups of that yarn -- that little peak is just torture!

Yvonne said...

Calvin in plaid clam diggers? Dude, we had NOTHING like that at the Cranky Knitters. Shite. :P