Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Frank Lloyd Tigger

RT and I had another really busy day today. Up early, at my mom’s house at 9 am. Then we drove to Fallingwater.

We took the Pennsylvania Turnpike and exited at Donegal. They were already quite decorated for Halloween. Usually, that would make me nuts, but in this instance, I’m thinking it’s more civic pride than anything else.

There were three other “SteelerCrows” at the exit, on top of this one. I got a good look at most of them when I exited on the way to Fallingwater, but I didn’t have my camera ready, so I took this one on the way back home.

So our first stop on the day was at Fallingwater.

I’ve been here at least two previous times, but they were all prior to a major renovation that has happened within the last 10 years.

This is the “official” view of Fallingwater. It’s a beautiful house, and so unique. The only down-side? Our guide. Tended to pause for really long times. Between thoughts. It was REALLY annoying. We’re lucky that the creek was low, or we wouldn’t have been able to hear a word she said either. Serious “low talker.” Good information, but the presentation was lacking.

After Fallingwater, we zipped on over to Kentuck Knob. I’ve visited Fallingwater, the Darwin Martin House, Taliesin West … Kentuck Knob is by far my favorite. It’s the most live-able of his houses and I just felt at peace the entire time I was in the house. It was great.

Kentuck Knob was built for the Hagan family and is currently owned by an English family. It’s one of the later FLW homes, and one of the ones he “signed.” That’s the red tile that’s pictured with RT.

This fountain is a mini-waterfall just outside of the master suite that the Hagans put in when they decided that they wanted a little “taste” of Fallingwater. (They were friends of the Kauffmans, the family that built Fallingwater).

This patio is one of the signature design elements of the house. At the end of the patio is the dining room.

Finally, when I was a kid, we’d occasionally go to Ohiopyle. There was a spot on the Youghiogheny River that had a bunch of shade and a bunch of boulders. You could splash in the river and sunbathe or swim or sit on the shore. It was just a lot of fun. I didn’t have a chance to poke around Ohiopyle State Park to find that really cool spot, but I did stop long enough to show RT a little piece of the river

Hurricane Knitters tomorrow (Wednesday) night. I have absolutely no clue what knitting I’ll be taking with me. We’ll see where the wind blows tomorrow.


SJ said...

I think you must have had the same tour guide at Fallingwater that my brother had when he was there with my aunt, uncle, and cousin a few weeks ago. He came home complaining that he guide was one of the slowest talkers he'd ever met.

Yvonne said...

I think Tigger should visit the Hurricane Knitters. I'm sure he'd have fun.

MollyBeees said...

I wish I was Tigger. He has too much fun!