Friday, September 28, 2007

Now THIS is an Errand!

See that football? On top of my car at the post office? Why is it there?

Well, it goes something like this …

My mom has been touring the American south with Hanne and Jette for nearly two weeks. I went to the Darwin Martin house, Phipps, Fallingwater and Kentuck Knob with them, then right after Kentuck Knob last Tuesday, I came back to Pittsburgh and they headed south. I know they went to Monticello, UVa, and to plantations in North and South Carolina.

So this morning at 9:45, my mom called. And asked me how much a football costs. HUH?

It seems that Hanne’s grandson (pronounce it like the American “Hannah”) asked her to bring home an American football for him. And in their two weeks of driving around America, they were apparently unable to stop anywhere that sold footballs.

After doing a little online research (It’s like anything else sports-related. You can get an authentic NFL football for $90, and you can get cheapo footballs for $10), I did as my mom asked. Went to Dick’s and bought a (middle of the road NCAA “official”) football, then I overnighted the damn thing via USPS to mom’s friend in NYC, where Jette and Hanne are spending the weekend before flying back to Denmark on Monday morning.

Good luck getting that sucker home, though. It’s gonna take up a bunch of room in a suitcase!

I was at the Lake until Wednesday afternoon, when I headed southward between rainstorms. Here’s a look at how a goodly chunk of the cottages appear at the moment

All boarded up for winter. Mildly depressing.

In knitting news, I have sporadic pictures. I’m cruising on my Cat Bordhi sock (Bartholomew), and it looks great in my Yarn Nerd Tour de France.

I felted the Booga Bag 2 before I left the Lake on Wednesday.

My bear is standing up in that photo of the un-felted bag. I’m too lazy tired pathetic to take a post-felting photo. Maybe tomorrow.

I also felted the 12:01 pumpkin

That damn thing is THICK!! It’s triple-stranded Cascade 220, so I shouldn’t be surprised, but DAMN!

I took it to the Bloomin Yarns knitting night last night and left it there so Michelle can display it. She stuffed it with some tissue, then I realized that I hadn’t taken an “after” photo, so RT stepped up to the plate.

He likes that photo much better than the “Taliban Tigger” shot that created such a stir with the Hurricane group last week. I will most likely make this again. I'd add more rows in the "middle" to make it taller, and will not do as many decreases at the top, in order to make the opening wider. Oh, and I'd love to know how they got the handle to stand up so nicely for the "official" photo. Michelle suggested a pipe cleaner, which is a fantastic idea.

We’re going to the Pirates/Cardinals game tomorrow (Saturday) night mostly to see The Clarks. Otherwise, it’s a pretty laid-back weekend. Hope you can enjoy the same!

Oh, and I heard last night that I definitely have a seat for Bruce Springsteen in November. First row behind the stage, probably right above Max Weinberg’s drum kit. Cool!


Jenn said...

Thank you for supporting my husband's place of employment. ;)

Oh, and ikpmctxz!

SJ said...

I'm excited to see this Cat Bordhi sock you keep talking about. (And I am really coveting the book, by the way. I'm hoping it'll be back in stock by the time we're back from our trip.)

Today's word verification? xjhazbrg -- sounds like a city, no?

turtlegirl76 said...

Yeah I wanna see the sock! That pumpkin looks awesome though. Triple stranded? How many hanks did it use?

Yvonne said...

or whatever that could ever mean.

I'm glad to see RT has reappeared...I was getting worried! So cool about the Springsteen seats. He is an amazing entertainer.