Tuesday, September 04, 2007

RT Visits My Old ‘Hood

First, some business:

1. Tomorrow’s WiP it Wednesday won’t be posted until I get home from Hurricane Knitters, so probably about this same time on Wednesday. Sorry!

2. We had a truly amazing sunset tonight, but I essentially missed it. We were in a car on the way back from a viewing in Buffalo. Our next-door neighbor’s mother died over the weekend. There is one cool sky shot I took from the car as we were going through Dunkirk, and the last shot was taken a good 5-10 minutes after the sun disappeared below the horizon. Still amazing colors.

Anyhoo …

RT and I field tripped to Akron, Ohio, last weekend. I worked at the University of Akron from 1996-99, immediately prior to my tenure at UCLA.

I was there visiting my friend Bill, who was in town with the Ole Miss women’s volleyball team. They played in JAR Arena, which has been revamped since I worked there. Partially because they did a re-branding with the logo, etc. Partly because LeBron James played his senior season home games for St.V-St.M at the JAR.

This banner hangs in honor of the women’s hoops team I worked with in my final year with the Zips. That was a good group of people. We lost our opening round game at Michigan State, but what I really remember is that our point guard would play five minutes, come out of the game to puke (she had a BAD case of the flu), then go back in for five min., etc.

We watched all three of the Ole Miss matches. They won the tournament and were obviously better than the other three teams in the tournament.

Bill also really wanted to go see Halloween 2007 on Friday night, so I contributed to its record weekend. It’s amazing what we’ll do for good friends, huh? I don’t mind horror movies, but this was way too much blood and gore for me. I think I spend about a third of the movie NOT watching the movie. Psychological thrillers like Hide and Seek, Se7en and The Sixth Sense are much more my speed.

Before we left on Saturday, RT had to get his picture taken with Zippy the Kangaroo. This statue is a little creepy, but please believe me – Zippy is one of the COOLEST mascots in all of college athletics. The real live Zippy is FANTASTIC and quite worthy of the many honors and awards that he receives. Vote for Zippy!

Saturday, I got to watch an hour of UCLA’s season opener at Furd, then trooped up to Cleveland.

The Rebels had done a dinner-and-game deal at Jacobs Field. We had serious nosebleed seats, but I had fun anyway. Just don’t ask me about getting OUT of Cleveland after the game. Nightmare. Worse than the 405 when there’s a major accident. Seriously.

Oh, and I wish I had snapped a photo of Bill's face when the Tribe played "Hang on Sloopy" after the 7th inning stretch. When the crowd did the 0-H-I-O thing, he just had this look on his face of "what the &$&*@#* was that??" Priceless.

So that was our weekend. Today was the beach, field trip to a slightly odd yarn store in Amherst, N.Y, Premier Liquor, then the viewing in a Buffalo suburb. Tomorrow, I leave for Pittsburgh in time to have a little pre-knitting dinner then join the Hurricane Knitters at the Waterworks Barnes & Noble. Come on down!

Even though I was on the move, I couldn’t resist this amazing sunset. This was an in-motion shot from the car
And once we got back to VBP, I snapped off a few shots while there were still amazing colors going on. Here's my best one:

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