Friday, August 31, 2007

Quilty Thursday: Fireworks Edition

The assembly line ended today. The fireworks are in honor of a special occasion -- finishing the damn Postively Painful Pineapple top!

Last night, I trimmed the 11th round on the Painful Pineapple blocks. I got up this morning and sewed the squares onto the corners, trimmed and laid the damn thing out.

I contemplated doing something a little different than I had planned … negating the blue and red secondary design squares on the corners. But I didn’t.

I sewed the damn thing together, pressed it out, laid it out on my mom’s bed for a photo-op (the “official” sewing room and ironing board are upstairs. I’ve been sewing at the dining room table). Then I folded the damn thing up, took a shower, threw some stuff in my car and headed to Akron. When I get back to the Lake on Saturday, I’ll put the three borders on (white, then red, then blue) and get a backing figured out so I can drop the damn thing off at Quilted Memories. I am not going to quilt this monster, I’m going to get it quilted on a longarm and will be happy with it.

We did go to our final Pineapple class on Thursday. Thanks to last week’s SNAFU with my fabric and I in different states, I was not at the point documented above when I went to class, which was my goal.

But mom was. Grrr … She got half the borders on during class and finished the other half yesterday. I forgot to take a “totally” finished photo. Oh, and she had her sample block plus the 30 she did assembly line (same as me), so she made a second “extra” Pineapple block and made a pair of pillow shams to go with the quilt. Overachiever. Grrr…

We also had a TRUE overachiever in our class. I suck because it’s now two days later and I’m not 100% sure I remember her name, but I think it’s Nancy (please don't hate me if I got it wrong. It's late and I should have written down your name on Tuesday!). Anyhow, she had this top done AT OUR SECOND CLASS.

On Tuesday, she was working on a second set of miniature blocks. Yes, I said miniature. I think I’m gonna hurl. (actually, they’re very nice blocks. I just couldn’t have hacked making a second set of blocks). If I remember right, she used 1” strips, which means each “layer” of the block finishes at about a half-inch. Yeek.

So that’s it for the Pineapple. I’m not sure what my web access is going to be while I’m in Akron, so bear with me if I’m a little slow on the posting or commenting front over the next few days. I’ll do the best I can!


SJ said...

I'm impressed with your work! (also a little nauseous -- that is some bright, crazy colorwork!)

Jen said...

It may have been damn painful, but it is damn beautiful!

quiltin fool said...

WOW! It's fantastic. You did a great job. I'm looking forward to seeing the finished quilt [and quilting by 'check' is absolutely acceptable]. Congrats to your Mom, too - she worked really hard on her projects. Anne

Anonymous said...

Painful or not it's gorgeous. So is your Mom's. Lots of seams but fun to do I thought!!!!!!!! Sandy

Anonymous said...

Hi Amy,

Your quilt looks fantastic! Next time I'm in Quilted Memories I'll ask to see the finished work. Just to show you that I'm not that much of an overacheiver I haven't touched the mini pineapple since that night! Hope to see and your mom again next summer. It was a pleasure to meet you! Mary