Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Socks on the Beach

Today has been a day of highs and lows. We start with the fact that I seem to have become severely nocturnal, and didn’t get to bed until almost 2 am.

Bad: Alarm went off at 8:15. I’m attempting to flip my body clock back to something resembling normal.

Good: Got two whole rounds finished on the Positively Painful Pineapple before lunch.

Bad: This meant that I didn’t get down to the beach until later than I had planned.

Good: It was a perfect beach day. Warm enough to sit in my swimsuit and read, cool enough that I wasn’t melting into a giant puddle of sweat.

Good: Mars made a new rock sculpture. I’m kind of bummed that he and Alice are leaving tomorrow. I also finally looked at this driftwood sculpture. Pretty cool, huh?

Good: When I went (back) down to the beach to take the above photos, I noticed these two

Yup. They’re knitting socks on the beach.

Bad: Got chatting with the knitters (well, that was good) and was running behind schedule when I got back up to the house

Good: Had a voice mail on my cell phone from my best “job” lead yet. I have an interview for game-day work once they break camp and get back to the ‘Burgh early next week. This should be enough info for true Pittsburghers to figure out what I’m talking about. Don’t get too excited. It’s just for gameday work.

Bad: Got back from quilting class and checked my email. The proposal that I was hoping would help pay some bills got turned down by the NCAA. This makes me sad. I was pretty psyched about that one.

Good: We had quilting class tonight, even if it was the Painful Pineapple.

Bad: Teacher wasn’t there (???). Still got a full round done in the two-hour window, but might have gotten more done without the schlepping to/from the store.

Good: Mom took me out to dinner on the way home and I’m about to watch a Netflix movie. Haven’t decided which one yet. I’m also going to knit something other than the Steelers/Harry Potter scarf for the first time in days. Woo-Hoo!

Oh, and it was a windy day, so we had to block open the door to the front porch. Our high-class doorstop should look quite familiar to several of my regular readers.

So that’s about it from here. Can’t believe it’s Tuesday night already. Where has this summer gone?

Oh, and if anyone has good Flickr expertise, I’m trying to figure out how the heck to do the photo gallery thing. Apparently, I'm even too dumb to figure out how to get the coding off of Flickr so I don't have to post each photo in-duh-vidually through Blogger. What I really want to be able to do is that cool "collage" thing where nine photos can be posted like they're one? I know it's easier than I've made it. Help!

Finally, we have a "StormTracker 783658 Update." Tropical Storm DPUTiger will be unable to join forces with the Hurricane Knitters tomorrow night. Sorry, kids. I'm in New York now, have to be in Akron on Thursday and the 'Burgh on Friday. Getting to Pgh. for Wednesday night before the Akron trip is just too much driving. I'll do better next month, it has nothing to do with a fear of crossing multiple rivers/bridges in the same trip. I promise! :)


Jen said...

I'm crossing my fingers for you on the job front - good luck!

Jenn said...

Awww, I will miss you!

To put Flickr photos in your blog posts, click on the photo you want to add in Flickr. There is a line of options above the photos and one of the options says "all sizes." I usually use the medium size. Click on medium (or whatever you want) and that size of photo will appear on your screen. There will be two options below that for code. Flickr says that their "Community Guidelines" say that if you put a photo on an external website, you have to use option 1. (Then why did they give you two options?)

Anyway, copy the code and paste it into your post. I usually make it a little bit smaller because even the medium size goes outside of my frames a bit. To make the photo show up in "compose mode" (instead of code)(hee, I rhymed), click "edit html" and then "compose." I have no idea why that makes the photo preview show up, but it does. Anyway, then you can grab the corner and make it a little smaller.

Or you could just use the small photo size, but sometimes when you make a small photo bigger, they look weird. There is a nerdy graphic design explanation that I won't get into. I've already hogged enough comment space.

I hope you hear something good about the job lead, even if it is only for game day!

SJ said...

Sorry you can't make it, we'll definitely miss you!

Fingers are crossed for you for the one job. Did you ever meet with EJ?