Friday, August 17, 2007

YPF: Not Mine Edition

Sorry I didn’t get a post up yesterday. The day flew by, then I was late getting on the road to Akron, then I got home to the ‘Burgh at 2 am. We’ll do quilty stuff next week, OK?

On to Yarn Pr0n Friday!

Isn’t this nice? It’s not mine.

It is 16 oz/1450 yards of Weavers Wool (100% wool) from Mountain Colors. Colorway is “Lodgegrass”

Mom bought it last week at Woolgathering in Brocton, N.Y. They had a whole mini-wall with hanks of this stuff, and of course, mom picked my FAVORITE one.

Where she is taking a weaving class today. I am so afraid of getting sucked in by the weaving that I left the state entirely.

Anyhow, this is more than enough for a sweater, and mom said that if she doesn’t get around to doing anything with it that I might get it for Christmas. Woo-Hoo!

Since I know I’ll need to figure this out whether it becomes mine or not, any suggestions on how to wind a 1450-yard hank of wool? Please don’t say “by hand.” Please!

And since Yvonne asked so nicely …

This is what was under the foil. My Aunt Sylvia’s world-famous Sour Cream Coffee Cake.

I have the recipe and make it occasionally, but it’s always best when Sylvia makes it.

Breakfast of the Gods. I just hope there’s still some leftover for breakfast when I get back up to the Lake tomorrow, but since my dad and brother weren’t there today, I have a fighting chance. YUM!!!!!


Yvonne said...

YUM! Share the recipe!!

Knit One has a big ball winder -- I wound 2,500 yards of wool down there a couple weeks ago. Stacy is pretty good at letting you use it for whatever. :)

SJ said...

I have a swift we could set up at a table at B&N (that would really freak 40 Guy out, don't you think?). My fingers are crossed that it comes your way!

My mom makes a delish sour cream coffee cake as well -- I wonder if the recipes are similar?

MollyBeees said...

I WONDERED what was under that tin foil! Yummy looking cake and yummy looking yarn too!

mehitabel said...

Really yummy yarn, and nice tasty cake too--at least, the yarn is not fattening! I have been winding big skeins on my regular ball winder, just holding the tension guide away from the ball with one hand while winding with the other. Or, if you have access to a big ball winder, that's the way to go! I hope you get that yarn for Christmas--that would be nifty. And gee, I wish I had a daughter who knit! Mine are all crocheters--but four of them quilt so I guess I must have done something right!