Monday, August 27, 2007

Tevas Rock, “Jennifer” Sucks*

I left the Lake to go down to Pittsburgh a week ago. When I arrived back here at about 2:30 today, it was like I came back to a different place.

Why so different? Well, for most schmoos, school either started today, sometime this week or there was some reason to be “home” instead of at the Lake. Almost exclusively grown-ups around here. It’s so peaceful and quiet. I’m actually listening to crickets as I write this post.

We’ll start with the second half of my post title. *Now, just to be 100% clear, I am NOT referring to Jen or Jenn.

When I was able to come up for air at the end of the “scramble for your life and transcribe as fast as humanly possible” portion of last night’s work experience#, I checked my email. It was 12:20 am, and I had a new comment. On the post I wrote two weeks ago today.

Check out the last comment on that post. Yep. It’s a spammer probably paid by the network that airs MB. Enjoy the show. Yes, it has made me laugh tonight. Am I pissed that they spammed my blog with crap like that comment? YOU BETCHA.

I took my first swim of the year this afternoon, and used the opportunity to break in my brand new Teva water shoes. The water in the lake was Perfect, and my new shoes ROCK.

Do I wish they were … well … ANY color other than pink? Yeah. But I got them for about 60% of “full price” at REI two Fridays ago, and there’s a lot to be said for instant gratification and being able to skip delivery charges. Is there anything else I’d change about them? NOOOO!!!

Great sunset tonight. The lake was very calm

And the sun reflected off the water’s surface like it was glass.

Then I noticed a pair of sailboats waaay off on the horizon. Cool, huh?

Sunset was at 8. I hate that. It was setting at 9 when I first got up here for the 4th. *sigh* I guess this is part of the change of seasons that I love and missed so badly when I was in California.

# Don’t want to get into detail on the work stuff here. If you're just dying to find out, you know where to find me.


Jen said...

Wow - that "commenter" could have at least been less obvious!

Jenn said...

I hatehatehate that it's getting dark so early, too. Damn you, changing seasons!

SJ said...

At least you can feel better knowing that the spammer doesn't know the difference between plurals and possessives (bachelor's?!). You can always delete the comment, too. That's what I usually do when I get spammed, though it hasn't happened in a while.

MollyBeees said...

That last sunset picture is amazing! Did you do anything special with your camera when you took it?

mehitabel said...

Yeah, I've removed comments that were spam (or from someone I didn't want posting on my blog). I miss the changing seasons terribly, and since summer is the time of year I hate, and I don't function well on daylight saving time, I can hardly wait till we get back to real time and long cool nights! Guess it takes all kinds, huh?