Wednesday, August 15, 2007

WiP it Wednesday: Mindless Edition

Yeah, I’ve been working on stuff that’s completely and totally brainless. As of this morning, I’ve almost even lost the mojo I need for that. I’m still working on sleeping more like a human and less like a vampire. Plus, two full days of the Pineapple … well, here’s what I’ve been working on

The Harry Potter/Steelers scarf is fantastic knitting for me right now. It’s 100% brainless. It has more than doubled since last week. A few rounds at a stop for a train, a stripe at a deck party, a few more rounds during at TV show or a movie? Perfect!

With the Jaywalkers finished, I did a million swatches with “Basic Merino Socks” kit by Fleece Artist in the Seastorm colorway. Wound up with US2/2.75mm KnitPicks DPN. Pattern is the Yarn Harlot’s generic cuff-down pattern.

Sorry about the totally crappy photo. I’m too lazy to take a new one since it’s late.

I watched this last night. It was pretty good. Made me want to buy a concert ticket. Watching this now. So far, it’s OK (at best). Or it was until I realized it’s practically a PR piece for a league that has been dead for years. Oy. Mostly just wanted to cross it off of my list. Netflix is good for that.

This is what’s in store for breakfast tomorrow. YUM!!! Unveiling will be in the morning. Any family members who are reading will see that pile of foil, wonder if my Aunt Sylvia and Uncle Bob are here, and when they find out the answer is YES, they’ll know what kind of yumminess is in store tomorrow. I’ll have pictures. I can’t wait.


SJ said...

I love Bend it Like Beckham -- I actually own it!

Yvonne said...

I wanna see what's under the foil!!