Wednesday, August 08, 2007

WiP it Wednesday, Travel Edition

OK, so here’s a peek into what I’m working on this week. Since I’m at the Lake, you just get looks at the projects I have with me up here.

You all should know by now that I suck at project monogamy. Please accept that and move forward. Oh, and this WiP it Wednesday is exclusively knitting.

Ohhh, am I ever itching to get these things finished! I’m dying to get some different socks on the needles. Let’s just say I brought four sock yarn options with me and wanted to wind ALL of the sock yarn in my stash NOW because I couldn’t make up my mind.

When I laid these out for the photo, I realized that I’m farther along on Jaywalker #2 than I thought it was. Which is awesome.

Project: Jaywalkers Socks
Yarn: Koigu KPPPM
Needles: Knit Picks US2/3.00mm DPNs.
Started: Mid-April, 2007
Status: Hopefully can finish this week. Yay!

Next up, the V-neck sweater I haven’t touched in a few weeks

Project: Sweater Wizard V-neck pullover in
Yarn: Collinette Wigwam tape
Needles: Addi Turbos US9/5.5mm
Started: July 8, 2007
Status: About 8” into the front … or back. Haven’t decided yet. Relatively back burner at the moment.

This was the last yarn project I bought at Beach Knitting. I’m gonna love the sweater, but knitting on a sweater right now doesn’t mesh all that well with the 85% humidity we have going on today, ya know? At least it's cotton. Well, just for fun, here’s a close-up


This looks like cat barf right now, and the “join” is pretty fugly. But it’s a bag, so who cares, right? This yarn is softening up as it gets used, but it still resembles baling twine pretty closely. Just less scratchy.

Project: Under 3 Days "Shop ‘Till You Drop” bag
Yarn: allhemp6 in a “natural” colorway
Needles: Clover Bamboo circs, US6/4.25mm
Started: July 25, 2007
Status: It’s great TV-watching knitting, so I’m picking it up for a few rows every couple of days. But it doesn’t seem to be growing all that quickly. Boooo! ;-)

Does anybody have a clue how I can join the new skein when it's time? I don't think I can graft hemp, which is what I'd do if it was wool. Any suggestions? I'm all ears!

And, finally, my new favorite mindless project

In the fine tradition of Harry Potter, I decided that I had loved the thought of making this scarf for long enough, and that it was time to make one. Since I am allergic to the Gryffindor colors (SUC, anyone?) I decided to go with the preferred colors of my hometown. Can’t go wrong with this colorway when you’re living in the ‘Burgh!

Project: Steelers Scarf
Yarn: Cascade 220 in Black (color 8555) and Gold (7827 … officially “Goldenrod")
Needles: US8/5.0mm KA 16” circulars, although I started with a pair of 29” US8s until I got these needles yesterday in East Aurora (using the socks on 2-circs method).
Started: August 6, 2007
Status: It was my car knitting all through yesterday’s field trip to East Aurora and I got two stripes done. It’s moving very fast.

I got a lot of Yarn Pr0n shots today since that big bright ball was visible in the sky and things dried out enough that I actually had places where I could put the yarn down for pictures. Mom and I went to Woolgathering in Brocton, N.Y., today (sadly, no website!). Very close-by. Nice shop. SUPER-nice owner who is not only very chatty but also is doing a TON for the community. I can’t find the newspaper article link, but she is teaching people to spin for free, and is looking for volunteers to make handspun yarn to be sold in the store. When you buy a skein of that handspun, the money is donated to a local cancer charity. Or something like that. I missed most of the details, but she had two young rookies working on spinning for the very first time. Awesome!

She also teaches weaving. My mom is going to take a class next Tuesday. I am ignoring this development, as I KNOW I could get sucked into the black hole of weaving very quickly and easily. I asked a bunch of questions about the spinning because that particular hobby doesn’t do much for me. Oh well.

Time to shower off the remnants of my afternoon at the beach, then forage for my evening meal. I think there's one more serving worth of brownies waiting for my dessert. Wish me luck!


Jen said...

How about a Russian join (with a long tail) for the hemp yarn? I've used that for cotton before and it's a tiny bit lumpy, but worked great!

SJ said...

Jen beat me to it -- I was going to suggest the same join!

I have to remember to fondle the hemp if you bring it last week. I think I was a little antisocial last knit night because of the "serger thread."

Jenn said...

Heh, cat barf...

Yvonne said...

great knitting!!

mehitabel said...

Nice array of projects! I have used the Wigwam on some Ab Fabs--how do you like it so far for a sweater? It's very unusual stuff! Kind of reminds me of very thin bias binding. The scarf will be fun to wear this winter, and I agree about the Gryffindor colors--not good if you don't SUC!