Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Even the Toilets (and Fridge) are Sweating!

Yep. That’s how freakin’ humid it is here at chez DPUTiger/North Branch. It rained much of yesterday and almost all of today, and the humidity just hasn’t quit. Because we’re so close to the Lake (across the street), when it gets really humid when the cold water comes into the toilet tank, it sweats just like a cold beverage. [The good news? You can drink the air, but it's not HOT which would make this almost unbearable.]

Oh, and our fridge is relatively crappy and when it gets humid like this the front of both the fridge and freezer get quite sweaty and there’s serious moisture near the seals. A new one wouldn’t be a bad idea, but someone I’m related to insists that the current fridge works just fine and a new one is therefore unnecessarry.

I spent yesterday doing … well … nothing. Kind of pathetic, actually. I did help deliver association minutes/proxys in the afternoon, after being part of the collate-staple-fold and stuff brigade. This is exciting stuff, let me tell you!

Mom made brownies and bought ice cream for Sunday’s dinner. We’ve been having leftovers ever since. YUM!

Today was a big field trip with my mom. Her sewing machine (well my Bernette, but it’s what she insists she prefers to use even though she has an awesome Bernina 160 sitting there feeling neglected, but I digress) was ready to be picked up in East Aurora, N.Y.

After driving past Orchard Park, home of the Buffalo Bills, We visited Roycroft, which is a handicraft community based on the Arts and Crafts movement of the late 1800s. Then we stopped at one little local quilt shop before heading over to the Aurora Sewing Center. It was a nice shop. Lots of fabric, LOTS of patterns. The most important thing to me is that they service Berninas. From what my mom has said there really aren’t any Bernina service centers in Pittsburgh, so I totally plan to bring my Bernina 150QE up here to get it serviced before the summer is out. The only bad part is that I was waiting for a good solid 15 minutes to pay for one notion while the only person near the counter cut about eight pieces of fabric for the person in front of me. Get some help! At least acknowledge my existence!

The last place we stopped (well, before lunch) was at the Woolly Lamb (no real website, just this online). It was a very enjoyable yarn store in East Aurora. Lots and lots of Noro and a few other yummy finds. If we can actually get some sunshine around here, I plan to take some Yarn Pr0n Friday shots of my purchase. I LOVE it!

Tonight was our second Positively Pineapple class, and I got a whole block done! Well, it’s the rest of the block that I started two weeks ago, but I’m now really looking forward to chain piecing the rest of the blocks. I may even start over and just do 20 blocks from scratch and use the one finished block as a “model” that could eventually be a pillow sham or something like that. It’s a thought.

It was too overcast tonight to get any kind of a sunset, but here’s a little eye candy from last night. It was overcast enough then that you could look directly at the sun and the intensity of the light was as if it was already halfway over the horizon. Still, I thought I got a decent shot. Enjoy!

I’m going to try to take part in WiP It Wednesday, but first I need a good night’s sleep. I’m off to tackle that problem now!

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Great quilt block -- I'm dizzy!