Thursday, August 23, 2007

Quilty Thursday: Censored Edition

Why censored? Well …

I got myself set up in the basement to do some sewing today while I watched this (FANTASTIC movie, btw). A large chunk of running around the house was necessary before I wrangled the following items into the basement:
* Surge Protector (in order to plug in sewing machine)
* Key to Koala cabinet (since the cabinet was locked for transport and the key wound up in the master bedroom … why? I don’t know)
* Items living on top of the compacted cabinet were moved to their proper homes elsewhere in the house

Then I moved the cabinet out of its spot on the wall and went to pull out my Pineapple stuff.
* Pile of blocks on rotating cutting board. CHECK!
* Pineapple ruler and 6x12 Omnigrip ruler. CHECK!
* Bag from Quilted Memories with all of my strips pre-cut and extra fabric. UMMM ...
* Rotary Cutter. RUH-ROH

I have searched high and low and can’t find those last two items anywhere in this house. I looked EVERYWHERE in the house and in my car at least twice. And I swore. A lot. That would be the censored part.

This is why I always had my big blue crate full of stuff. Then I just put it all in there and was ready to roll. *sigh*

Fortunately, I found one of my eleventybillion other rotary cutters, so I can at least get all 30 blocks trimmed down so I’m ready to sew like a crazy woman when I get back up to the Lake on Monday. Between now and then, I pray that the stupid bag is up there waiting for me, and work on this:

This is my Picnic Plaid quilt. It has been in various and assorted stages of “in progress” for over a year. It’s the second time I’ve made this quilt, as the first one went to Oxford, Miss., to my friend Bill.

I quilted the borders probably a year ago at Bearly Stitchin on a series of Friday nights. I did the blue and yellow stripes at the Lake just before I started the Pineapple class. The two green stripes on the left and the three green stripes are all that are left to quilt on this thing. Then I need to decide what I want to do about a label and work from there. Truthfully? I really want to skip the label and get this thing washed and in use on a couch near you. Well, near me. You know what I mean.

Back to sub-cutting. I want to watch this, since it’s the last Netflix movie that I have “at home,” but I can’t find that either. Insert more swearing here. I’m hoping that damn thing is at the Lake too. I suck.

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SJ said...

When I'm looking desperately for something it usually turns up right in front of my face as soon as I've given up on finding it. I hope your quilting stuff turns up!