Wednesday, August 01, 2007

More of the Same + New Field Trip!

I should probably thank my “old” readers for continuing to come back. After two months, I still seem to be hijacking my blog, as it is more life/moving/getting organized than actual knitting or quilting content.

This is also why I’m just gobsmacked that I got comments from two brand-new people that I don’t know after my last post!

MollyBeees asked if we liked The Queen. I definitely liked it. The Hubster was a little figet-ey as we got towards the end, so I don’t think he liked it as much as I did. Helen Mirren totally deserved the Oscar for that role. Oh, and I took the quiz on your site:

Mingle2 Free Online Dating - Science Quiz

Gimme a break. My last science class was over 15 years ago!

I have no idea who ST is, but s/he asked where was the picture of Joe Montana from the HOF field trip. Well, I know he’s a “local boy done good,” but 1. He went to Notre Dame. Ewww. 2. Although I can appreciate and admire his field accomplishments, I was never a 49ers fan or a big fan of him personally, 3. He lost me totally when he didn’t show up for the big recognition that the NFL did for Super Bowl MVPs a couple of years ago. When all the stories started swirling that he wanted more $$ to show up, he started talking about family stuff. Uh-huh.

Besides, with all the Steelers stuff in the HOF, why would I be looking for non-Steelers? Well, with the exception of my kid-hood hero:

And SJ, who I will see TONIGHT at Hurricane Knitters (Waterworks B&N, 7-10 pm, be there!) asked if the new penguin is a Pens fan. Well, he grew up as a west coast penguin, so he’s ready to learn hockey. He’ll learn a little better/faster if I can get some gameday work. :)

Otherwise, it’s more of the same here at chez DPUTiger. I’m still chipping away at the enormous chunk of granite that IS getting this house put together. I almost have all of the boxes in the basement empty. Stuff is strewn all over the floor. I’m actually about to field trip with my mom, in hopes that I can find some storage that will work under my cutting table to help corral what’s still all over the place down there.

In addition to basement wrangling yesterday, I changed my plate!

Out with the old …

And in with the new! …

By the way, the new plates don’t say at the bottom, they say

Since Hubster and I got our plates at the same time, we have consecutive numbers. His ends in Nuke LaLoosh, mine ends in Carlos Zambrano. I like even numbers, and when I made a general comment to the effect of “bummer! He gets the even number!” the two women behind the counter didn’t even blink, they just flipped the plates. :)

Then there was a field trip.

Yup. We went to the Pirates-Cardinals game. Geez, those are two lousy teams!

We waited for the Hubster at the Roberto Clemente statue. Clemente is the Hubster’s all-time favorite baseball player.

After a dinner at the in-park Outback (with shockingly awful service that caused us to miss first pitch, BTW), we moseyed on over to our seats, and got situated by the time Albert Pujols hit in the first (he bats third)

Well, if I'm going to be ready for mom to pick me up for the aforementioned field trip, I’d better shake a leg.

Oh, and please tell me I’m not the only person on earth who does this with their M&Ms?


Yvonne said...

i do that with my m&m's all the time. just shows you're normal.

Jen said...

Not only do I do that with my m&ms, I need to eat the colors one at a time in the order of the rainbow (with brown last), until there is the same amount of each color, wherein the eating by color starts again until they are gone. OCD, anyone?

See you tonight!

Jenn said...

Tom was at the game last night, too, he was at a "team building event" in the company box. And he'll be there tonight while we're knitting. And we'll both be there on Saturday night. We are gluttons for punishment.

carol said...

Now we know for sure you don't live in LA anymore -- you're bothered you missed the first pitch!??!!

Anonymous said...

ST = Sandy Tocalino - formerly from the bay area! Hence, the interest in Joe Montana. Those were the glory years for the Niners.
You have definitely left CA behind.
Philly Cheese steaks have opened in Pasadena. Right now they have Tastee Cakes but promised they would have devil dogs too.

floribunda said...

one of my very first blog posts was about m&m's -- and it had a photo very similar to yours! by the way, I almost flunked the science test, with a D! all that velocity stuff... yikes!

Mom2B said...

Okay, I always suspected you were smarter than me. I got a 73% on the science test and have been termed "completely average". Oh well. I made quite the surge there at the end... thought I might fail.:)

Hope all is well with you... the baby is set to arrive in 17 days and my last day in the office (maybe ever) is Aug. 10.

Miss you...