Sunday, July 29, 2007

Saturday Field Trip!

The Hubster, RT and I tackled the PA DMV yesterday (success! We have licenses! Well, RT doesn't, but ...) then drove up to Akron. A good friend of mine is playing for the Akron Racers and some other friends had come in from the left coast to visit Caitlin. I only took one ballpark shot, Caitlin is on the left, below

The Racers lost, but it was a good day, ‘cause I got to see Caitl, Zap and Ani. I missed the awesome group photo they took on the field (with another Racer who was Ani’s catcher in college) because I ran into my old boss from my days at Akron and we were chatting for quite a while in the stands after the game.

Since our favorite Racer had a team function post-game and the younger set was (probably) going drinking and we’re a bit too old for that, the Hubster and I grabbed a late lunch at one of my favorite restaurants from when I used to work in the area. Still yummy!

Then, we decided that since we were in the area and they didn’t close until 8, we’d visit

The Pro Football Hall of Fame! They had lots of stuff already set up for next weekend’s induction ceremonies. I would not want to be anywhere near Canton next Saturday. It’s such a zoo! We had fun at the HOF.

RT with Jim Thorpe. My Great Granfather played against him, then did some officiating in the very early days of the NFL.

Knitting content! The “Red” Grange mannequin was wearing a very obviously knitted jersey.

My most vivid memory from my first HOF visit (when I was a schmoo) was how freakin’ big Bronko Nagurski’s championship ring was. The fake hand in the case is “normal person size.” I think it’s still the largest ring that company has ever made. Yikes!

Every current NFL team has a life-size photo of one of the most prominent players in its history with the current helmet in a plexiglass case and “team stats” plaque on the side. RT got his picture taking with “The Bus”

And the Hubster and I are wondering how soon the HOF will pull the trigger on taking Michael Vick off of the Falcons display given his current legal situation.

Since this is the 75th Season of the Pittsburgh Steelers, the HOF has a special exhibit on the history of the team. RT got his photo taken with the shoes Franco Harris wore in the “Immaculate Reception” game. (BTW, Mr. Rooney was in the elevator at Three Rivers Stadium when Franco made the catch and the Steelers won the game. He was in the locker room waiting to give the “it’s OK, boys” speech when they came in happy. The panel from that elevator was also in the Steelers exhibit, as well as a piece of the Astroturf from that day)

RT posed with the Steelers five Lombardi Trophies. He wanted to remind everyone that he’s a natural Steelers fan, since he IS black and gold!

With all that time watching the softball game yesterday, I got a good chunk done on Jaywalker #2. Everything past the ribbing happened yesterday. I have a sore spot on my index finger that could possibly be a blister … I’m not sure yet. But it does mean I need to knit on bigger needles for a while!

Today was spent putting the office together, once and for all. The best side-effect from that adventure was that I found this awesome little penguin that my friend Lori gave me on one of my last days at my old job. I knew I had put him somewhere safe, but as you can see, he’s so small he was easy to lose track of. He’s now living on the mantle with many other penguin family members.

Off to knit something, hopefully while watching The Queen!


MollyBeees said...

How did you like The Queen? I really want to see it. Your Jaywalker looks cute! So does the penguin. My brother collects penguins too so I always send him one at Christmas!

st said...

where's the picture of Joe Montana and the Niners - st

SJ said...

Adorable penguin! Important question -- is he a Pens fan?

MollyBeees said...

Hey There! Thanks for visiting my blog! I found you when I was surfing links on other knitting blogs somehoe. The penguin picture cynched it! :-) Will have to try to the Queen. I'm a history geek too!