Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Today’s Adventure

Yes, there most certainly was Adventure today at chez DPUTiger. First, the Bear and I slept in. It was a rainy day

With two big storms, resulting in a 20-degree temperature drop from yesterday to today. No, I didn’t go online to figure that out, nor did I stand outside and make an inexact guess. I heard the dude on WDVE say it while I was putting the bedroom together. But I’ll get to that part later.

I’ve discovered that I like to wake up in the morning, check my email, check my bloglines and read what all y’all have had to say since yesterday, then get on with my day. Since I slept in this morning, by the time I had finished my online puttering (yes, “puttering” is my new favorite word. Sorry ‘bout that!), it was lunchtime.

So I sauntered over to the kitchen and opened the fridge to make me some lunch. And I saw a strange brown “creep” under the shelf of Diet Pepsi cans.

Ruh-roh Shaggy! I had a Diet Dr. Pepper slushee last night (not intentionally), so I thought the Hubster had made the fridge a little warmer. Maybe, maybe not.

Yup. There’s the culprit, way in the back of the fridge. [NOTE: Remember, this house had been empty for six months before we moved in. This caused the dried out/leaky gasket in the first floor bathroom sink that was fixed with a huge clump of silicone sealant, and it meant that the fridge both upstairs and downstairs had been turned as warm as they could go on both sides. I did the same thing when I left Redondo Beach. It just makes sense. We're trying to find the right temperature for us -- as cold as possible w/o shit freezing in there]

So I cleared off the Diet Pepsi shelf. Kind of handy that the Diet Pepsi froze in place as it migrated around the bottoms of all the other cans. Made for easy clean-up! Well, almost.

A careful eye on the above photo will notice one really tall can on the right-hand side of the frame. Yup. Frozen solid, but held its integrity and didn’t pop. Wanna see?

I knew you would! Of course, Einstein here (that would be moi) decided that I should open the can so I could drain it. Let’s say it together now: DUMB IDEA! Yep. It backfired on me big-time. Smashed my thumb (just a momentary “ouch”, no permanent damage), sprayed all over my shirt and all over the kitchen. I got it all mopped up, threw my tshirt in the master bath sink to soak and found a clean one to wear, then sat down to eat my lunch. At which time I looked over to my right and realized “Crap! It sprayed the whole ceiling! I cleaned it up before I remembered to take a blog photo. Sorry about that!

Well, after the Big Kitchen Adventure, I buckled down and tackled the master bedroom. The Hubster started to put clothes away before I got here and last weekend while I was at the Lake, but I changed some of his decisions. My mom put in three closets worth of California Closets either while I was in High School or shortly thereafter. Master bedroom, my old room and one of the hallway closets. I moved some stuff around so that it better fit the intention of the California Closets design. No biggie.

Of course, the floor in the master is now sparkly clean and most of the stuff is put away. The above view is basically standing at the door to the room. Yes, my electric toothbrush is on the floor in the bedroom, not the bathroom. That’s because the plug in the bathroom only works when the light is on (Gotta love ‘50s designs!). Walk-in closet on the right, master bath on the left.

And here’s the view from the flip side. I decided I liked the Papasan chair in the dormer. So far, Bear likes it too.

Oh yeah. When it starts to get cold and I am looking for my long underwear and tights? Someone please remind me that I chukked that bag in the attic because I didn’t want to deal with it any more? Thanks! (oh, and don’t tell the Hubster!)


Sandy said...

This was hysterical - sorry you didn't get a picture of the ceiling but loved the can and, oh, the toothbrush. We live in a 1922 bungalow need I say more

SJ said...

That expanded can is a pretty scary sight -- I wonder if that's why they redesigned the can shape?

Dave Daniels said...

OMG That quilt is gorgeous! I am a BIG fan of batik quilts, and that one is eye-popping. Did you make that?