Monday, July 09, 2007


OK, so we just ended a looong day by watching Little Miss Sunshine. Oh. My. God. I don’t remember the last time I laughed that hard. Not everyone’s cup of tea, but we certainly enjoyed it! And, this means we can get a new Netflix movie for the first time since ohhh … about May.

Well, I started my day today by observing my bee-sting foot … again.

Still red. No longer swollen and painful to break over on the ball of my foot, but since the red area (looks more bruised than red in person) is growing rather than shrinking, I went ahead and filled my prescription. Dose #1 was this morning. I’ll keep plugging away with this for four more days, at which time I’ll hopefully be back to normal.

Today was the first day I was “sore” from lack of exercise. Just means that I should go for a walk first thing in the morning when the Hubster leaves for work and before it gets stupid-hot outside.

Since I was out back taking a pic of my icky-looking foot, I figured I’d give you all a peek at the backyard.

My parents built this when I was a schmoo. I don’t remember exactly how old, but it was fun. My friends and I had a playhouse rule that you couldn’t enter unless you were willing to sign the walls. I haven’t been in there to see if the walls were scrubbed clean on the inside or not.

Here’s the other corner of the backyard

This view of the backyard is from straight down the stairs of the back porch. It’s a nice little poured concrete square with all of our California patio furniture on it.

And here’s the enclosed back porch. It’s screened in, but not insulated for winter. You can see the stone from the exterior of the house in this shot. Back of the house gets morning sun. Front of the house is afternoon/evening exposure.

Ya know, I’ve been thinking. We have LOTS of some stuff … patio furniture, kitchen stuff, clothes … and NONE of other stuff … couches, storage units, a clue where anything belongs in this house. It’s starting to make me feel like I’m running a real marathon with a treadmill slide under my feet.

So this morning’s designated fun was designed around the electrician coming between 10 and noon to change our 50-amp plug (on the left) to a 30-amp plug (on the right) so we’re ready for the new washer and, specifically, new dryer to show up on Thursday. They showed up at 12:05 and were gone by 12:20. "See Spot Run" electricity, apparently.

Then mom and I got moving. We went to Ikea and got three of the bookshelves I linked to yesterday. They are in really boring Ikea cardboard boxes right now, so they weren’t really photo-worthy.

Since the Costco is right next door (practically), we hit there next. Cali people, this ain’t nothin’ like you’re used to! You’re in, you have plenty of elbow room, you’re never more than one person deep in line to pay (even on a weekend! I swear!), and you’re out. LOVE IT!

After unloading frozen goods, we went right back out. This time to the Home Depot to get a grill (Thanks, mom, for providing the SUV-type transportation for today’s adventures! I’ll pay you back in quilting time!), then home. At 6:00 pm. Yikes.

Yup, there it is. A Consumer Reports Best Buy in all it’s glory.

To prove that I still actually do some knitting, here’s a project I cast on for on the drive back from the Lake yesterday. It’s a Collinette tape (wigwam, I think?). It’s gonna be a pullover. Pattern is Sweater Wizard and I'm on US9 Addi Turbos (US8 for ribbing). Enjoy!

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SJ said...

Eesh. That foot looks painful. I hope the prescription does its job, and quickly!