Thursday, July 05, 2007

July 4, Plus One

I woke up yesterday morning to the fire engine's siren. Mom lured me out of bed with the promise of doughnuts at the community center, then forced me to wear a tacky flag shirt. It was the 4th, after all!

The highlight of our time at the community center was the annual bike parade. Of course, as soon as the second group of kids got to the "finish line", we had a wipeout. The peloton piled up behind the wipeout just like the end of a sprint stage at the Tour de France.

Everyone was talking about one particular entrant in the parade. Someone had a pony! It's hard to tell its size from this photo, but it was roughly the size of the yellow lab that was watching it walk by. Maybe just an inch or two larger.

Then the fire engine rides started. This was the first group as it went by our cottage.

After a field trip into town with mom, I wound up taking about a four-hour nap. General tiredness paired with the ER-prescribed Benadryl for my foot knocked me out for several hours. It was a rainy day here, so I wasn't missing any beach time by snoozing the day away on the couch.

The rain also postponed our neighbor's annual July 4th party until today

Lots of yummy food. A good time was had by all.

I finished Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone this afternoon and am about to get started on Book 2 (Chamber of Secrets). Of course, I had forgotten what kind of shape Sorcerers Stone was in. It looked like this before I started reading it this time around. Cheap bastard publishers!

So that's about it from the Lake. I hope to have a new knitting project on hand by tomorrow night. Those stupid Jaywalkers just aren't calling my name right now.

The cool update from today's field trip is that the local quilt shop is doing a four-day class for the Possibilities book Positively Pineapple. First class is at the end of July, the last three are in August. Four two-hour classes. I think I'm gonna sign up! Of course that means that i need to tackle all of those K and Q boxes so I can pick fabric from my stash. Yikes!

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SJ said...

I can't believe they actually painted that poor little pony!