Thursday, July 19, 2007

(A) Leetle Less than Half an Hour*

That’s all the time it took me to get back from the Hurricane Knitters at the Waterworks Mall Barnes & Noble.

Now, there’s a theory of relativity here. When I asked my dad for a guesstimate of how long it would take me to get to Waterworks, he basically told me I should find a new place to quilt (I didn’t tell him why I was going, just where … he didn’t know it was for KnitNight). I got to cross two rivers to get over there. Bottom line, dad thought I was nuts for going up there, but it would have taken an extra 15 minutes to get home from Pasadena at midnight after a quilting night.

Now people who live in the South Hills don’t like to cross more than one bridge or traverse more than one tunnel in a single trip without a very good reason. I looped around a little bit on the way up there because I took a field trip to the lone Whole Foods in Pittsburgh. Unfortunately, they didn’t carry the yogurt they were supposed to (well, they carried it, but only the really little containers and not in my preferred flavor. BUMMER!), but I stocked up on my favorite chips, granola and apples while I was there. And got a hunk of cornbread, just because I could.

Now the Whole Foods was a slightly odd experience. It was much more like the old “low-end” Redondo Beach store than like the better Pasadena, Westwood or El Segundo locations. Bummer.

Anyhoo, I got to meet Jen and SJ, whose blogs I have been reading for nearly a year, as well as Jenn and a few other women. I suck at names. So sorry! SJ left “early” and Jen (who was modeling her Dream in Color shrug!) and I had a very enjoyable conversation in the parking lot after those pesky B&N people kicked us out. Hurricane Knitters are doubling their meeting schedule, so I hope to hike up there again in two weeks for the Aug. 1 meeting.

Other activities today included laundry (ooh! exciting!) and errand running. I went to the hardware store and got: two smoke detectors, double-stick tape to install them, a bag of zip ties, a box cutter, a broom and dustpan and thumbtacks. Then to Bed, Bath and Beyond for a butter dish and a “soap dish” for our sink scrubby in the kitchen. If I remember tomorrow, I’ll post a pic, since I managed to find exactly what I was looking for, quite by accident. Too lazy to go take one now.

Then it was Best Buy for a TiVo box and home to shower and get ready to go to Hurricane Knitters. Like I said. Busy day.

Tomorrow is Boomerang Furniture Day, hopefully TV installation and I have a feeling that there’s something else on my agenda, I just can’t think of it.

Best news of the day is that we got rid of the couch, chair and ottoman from the basement, plus my dad’s old recliner. Boo-Ya! Past my bedtime. Catch you tomorrow!

*Bonus points for anyone who can ID that movie quote! It’s from one of my VERY favorite movies!


Jen said...

Good luck with your cable today!

On the Whole Foods front: I've read that they are considering another store in the area and that the South Hills is on the list for consideration. As a bonus, I am sure that they'll have much more room to build out there than they did in East Liberty, so if it happens there, it'll probably be a great big one!

It was very nice to finally meet you!

SJ said...

It was great to finally meet you in real life, and I'm glad you had a good time with us (i.e., we didn't scare you away!)

My fingers are crossed for you today that all goes well with the cable guy.

Jenn said...

I've heard that they're considering going into one of the new shopping centers that will be going up in Robinson in the next year. Like Robinson needs more shopping centers...

So how DID the cable go? Did you have to stab anyone with knitting needles? It was great to meet you last night!