Wednesday, April 09, 2008

WiP Wedneday: Vest!

Nope. Not a sock on a needle anywhere in the house! Instead …

It’s a side-to-side vest knit in the Brooks Farm Riata so recently featured right here on YPF. (color is much better on the YPF post)

You start with the left front. I’m a the increases point of the left armpit (about to start on the back). It’s going quickly.

Winding all of those KidSilk HellHaze kits for the Modern Quilt Wrap at Bloomin’ convinced me that I didn't really have a mohair sensitivity. I may have been wrong about that, since this project is making me the tiniest bit itchy if I work on it all night.

But it’s nice. And I like the colors. And if I’m going to go to MDSW, I should probably knit something from the yarn I got at my previous fiber festival, yes? (no, i haven't decided yet)

In other news, it may officially be spring.

Since my mom can’t really garden at her new house, she has an area in my backyard where she can still play in the dirt. She put in a bunch of bulbs last fall, and now whatever they are, they’re blooming

No, I have no idea what they are. Tulips, maybe? No clue. I have a black thumb.

Oh, and we’re officially first base again

The back corner of our house is first base for the “diamond” the boys next door use for their pick-up baseball games in the side yard.

In other news, yes, I deleted a comment from yesterday’s refrigerator post.

Yes, it was essentially an ode to an appliance that had been in this house for just about as long as I can remember. Yes, we will probably replace it. Eventually.

(rant warning)
And if you have a problem with that, I’m more than happy to talk with you about that.

But if you’re going to put an anonymous comment on my blog telling me that I’m killing the environment and that having a second freezer/fridge is irresponsible? I’m going to delete it. If you have something to say and you want me to take you seriously, SIGN YOUR DAMN NAME.

I found this particularly irritating/ironic because just last night I read a blog post that I thought was written on faulty principles and was making a point that I found offensive. But I decided that I didn’t want to get into a dialogue with the person who posted to their personal blog. That left me with two options: Leave an anonymous comment or keep my trap shut. Wanna guess which one I picked? That’s right. I took a deep breath, closed the window and let it go.

So if you have something to say to me, fire away. I can take it. I’m a pretty reasonable, rational person.

But don’t do it anonymously. That’s not cool.

< /rant >

And finally, isn’t it awfully cruel of the Pirates and Cubs to subject the fine folks of Pittsburgh to 27 innings of baseball over two games? Seriously.

Oh, and Melissa gets total credit for pointing this out, but how in the world has the Pittsburgh sports media not latched on to this movie in connection with our local baseball team? Really. It’s almost as easy as using “We Will” to mock the team, and it’s funnier with a catchy kid-friendly tune (Enter the site and skip the intro. It’s worth it.)


Ozy said...

They look like daffodils to me.

Black thumb? Clever.


floribunda said...

hear, hear! go buy a new freezer! the newer ones are way more energy efficient.

yes, daffodils.

great vest!

Jenn said...

Haha, maybe your anonymous was the same as my anonymous!

SJ said...

I believe those are jonquils -- related to the daffodil. I always thought the ones with the white outside were jonquils and the ones that were all yellow, but I could be wrong (the definition I'm working with is probably from my memories as a five-year-old).

That vest is cool -- sideways construction always fascinates me.

Anonymous said...

I think they're a hybrid, because I thought Jonquils had smaller centers that were deeper orange in color. Hell if I know because I'm also in the black thumb category.

I love Floribunda's avatar. Totally cool.

Jenn said...

I think that jonquils have ruffly edges, if that makes sense. They look much different than the rest of the regular daffodils. But really, they're all pretty, I'm allergic to all of them and even I can't kill bulbs!

Jenn said...

Erm, what I meant to say in my last comment is that my parents have daffodils and jonquils and they look different. It made sense in MY head, anyway...

LaurieG said...

And I've never been to Boston in the fallllll..... :)

ali said...

The way I see it, new refrigerators and freezers are so much more efficient than the old ones that you will actually be doing the environment a favor. Go with it.
The house we bought had an ancient fridge that sounded like an airplane in my kitchen when the thing would kick in. Seriously, when people were over they'd be all "what IS that?!" Um, the old fridge...
Our new one rocks. It's bigger and looks cooler and uses way less electricity- oh and it's quiet!

Happy knitting-