Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Brittany Jumper

So my niece had a birthday. She turned 1 yesterday, but the big family bash was on Sunday at Klavon’s in Lawrenceville. (warning: link plays music. ::sigh::) By the way? If you are in Pittsburgh, visit the Strip District and want some ice cream, GO TO KLAVON’S. It’s a really neat store, everything in there is original, and the people who work there are excellent!

Anyhoo, I needed to make something for Ellie for her birthday. CelticQueen suggested a dress and Michelle at Bloomin specifically suggested the Brittany Jumper from Minnowknits, at which point I was off to the races.


This should have been a very simple knit. Cast on at the bottom edge. Work the lace pattern for about two inches, 6.5” of stockingette in the round, then knit the bodice. Well, I had to rip out the bottom of the dress when I was nearly two inches in because I had twisted the round and not noticed right away. I blame it on the fact that you start the lace pattern immediately from the cast-on round.


Once I re-started and managed to not twist my round, the lace pattern was simple and steamed out beautifully. As simple as the 1x1 ribbed bodice was, I had to knit the back three times to get it right. Pure user error. The pattern is fine. There is a picot crochet edging on the bodice. I took that in to Bloomin to get help from Sandy, and the next thing I knew, Sandy had finished all of it! Don’t worry. I’ll be doing “real” crochet before you know it. I promise!


The buttons were easy to attach and I got all the ends woven in on a Thursday night at the store, between helping other knitters with their projects. All in all, a simple knit that was extremely well-received by everyone in attendance at the party. Including the staff at Klavon's!


Brittany Jumper

Pattern: Brittany Jumper by Jil Eaton/Minnowknits
Size: 1 year
Yarn: Louet Gems Worsted
Color: Neptune
Amount: 2 skeins/350 yards
Needles: US 8/5.0mm KA Switch
Started: 31 March 2010
Finished: 6 April 2010
Mods: None


Jen said...

That is so very cute. :)

turtlegirl76 said...

Cute! I love that lace edging. And the buttons are sweet!

Celtic Queen said...

Yay! Glad I could help. :)

SJ said...

So adorable! I must put this on my list.

Donna Lee said...

What a great dress. I like the lace edging. It's feminine and pretty.

Bezzie said...

Uber cute! I like the gathering at the waist.