Wednesday, April 14, 2010

WiP Wedneday: Crappers!

I’ve been cranking on Pavillion.


But there’s a problem.

Can you see it there in the green box? Hang on, I'll get you a close-up.

Yeah. On Monday night, I was cabling along and realized that I had a 9-stitch cable block instead of a 10-stitch block. I tried to find a dropped stitch and I couldn’t. So I made a new stitch in the cross of the cable, checked that it was absolutely invisible, and went along on my merry way.

Last night, while counting stitches to make sure I was ready to move on to the next set of decreases, I discovered, to my horror, that one of the 8-stitch non-cabled stockingette stripes was a 9-stitch stripe.

See it now? Yeah ... what should I do?

I guess that’s where the missing stitch went. Crap.

It’s on the back of the sweater. Armpit-close. I’ll never see it while I’m wearing the sweater. I have to check the whole way across to find the problem. It’s going to take me a really long time to re-knit what I’d have to rip. And laddering that stitch down to make it a purl is going to be way more noticeable.

I think I’m going to ignore it.

What do YOU think I should do?


floribunda... aka Julie said...

I'd say that since you have to get all the way in there with a macro lens in order to see it... just keep going! How many people are going to have their noses to your armpit, anyway?

SJ said...

Definitely ignore it. Who's going to be zooming in that close on that part of the sweater to see it anyway?

Sarah said...

holy crap ignore it.

Jessica said...

Dude. Totally ignore it. I couldn't even figure out what the problem was until I saw the closeup!

Donna Lee said...

The big question is, Can you ignore it or are you one of those people who obsess over a mistake?

I just ripped out an entire sock foot because I had made a mistake in the gusset decreases and I kept looking at it. It didn't make a bit of difference in the sock but I kept looking at it and finally said f it and ripped it out.

So, can you live with that mistake?

Jenn said...

I would drop it down and pick it up again, and then take so long evening out the tension that I think to myself "Why the $@&% didn't I just unknit it?"

Zonda said... was really hard to see until you pointed it out. Dropping down wouldn't work out well I don't think, and wouldn't. If it were a crossed cable, I might try to fix, but this, I'd be too afraid I'd make it worse. Did I help, prolly not but I tried ;)

pdxknitterati/MicheleLB said...

Ignore! No one is going to notice, unless you compulsively tell everyone, "See where I made this mistake?!" Which you shouldn't.

Knit on!

Jen said...

You know what I would do. :P

AndiPants said...

Ignore it. I had to look at the third picture to find the mistake. Most people won't notice it.

turtlegirl76 said...

I didn't notice it until you pointed it out and told us what had happened. Seems that it could be left and no one would notice. However, if it bugs you, and it's all you can think about with this sweater, I'd rip it back and fix it.