Friday, June 18, 2010

Miss Babs

Yes, there is more Maryland Sheep & Wool swag to show off. Better get it done now so I have YPF space once the stuff I saw at TNNA starts coming in to the store. Yeesh. Anyhoo …


One of the “stampede” booths on Saturday was Miss Babs. I took a pass on Opening Day, but strolled by on Sunday. Not too crowded, so plenty of room to paw the stock and pick something.


I originally picked something different than this skein, but then I wandered over to a “booth extension” and found a different base yarn and this colorway. After consultation with Miss Babs herself, I confirmed that this base was a bit heftier (and therefore more to my liking) and switched gears.


It’s the Miss Babs “Yummy” base, which is a 3-ply superwash. The Cleopatra colorway in this base is 335 yards and 5.2 oz. Once again, I don’t know what I’ll make with it, but it’ll be something cool. I’m sure about that!



Trillian42 said...

Oh, that's lovely! I'm intrigued to see how that knits up.

SJ said...

Like it! Can't wait to see what it grows up to be.

Zonda said...

Neat colorway!! Love Miss Babs stuff!

Donna Lee said...

It's wonderfully colorful!

And after seeing your Princess Bride reference, I was wishing I had remembered it when I was filling out my "Hello, my name is....." I wish I had thought to put "Inigo Montoya. You murdered my father. Prepare to die" instead of Donna Lee.

MollyBeees said...

Yummy is right!