Wednesday, June 23, 2010

More of the Same

Hi there! I had planned to get a TNNA post up this week, but Monday and Tuesday both kind of went kerplooey for various and assorted reasons. So here it is on Wednesday and I’m feeding the blog during the USA-Algeria World Cup match. I blame any typos on my very split attention.

So I finished the first Softball Sock and started the second one. Currently just a few rounds away from heel turn #2


And I’m also moving along on the Baby Surprise Jacket for a store sample. I want to put more time into this, but I try to remember that since I can’t work on my socks at the store, I shouldn’t work on the BSJ during “my” time. But I still do, a little bit.


Finally, since we haven’t seen her in a while (and she was outside while I was taking WiP Wednesday photos), Sydney says hello!

Hi, puppy!


Jenn said...

Sydney = AWESOME.

Donna Lee said...

I love the colors in the softball sock. And the bsj is looking good.

And the puppy! What a happy face.

SJ said...

Sydney is still very cute, but is it wrong of me to miss puppy Sydney?