Thursday, March 31, 2011

WiP … Thursday?

Oops. I kind of missed Wednesday, didn’t I? Sorry about that.

The end of the ultra-marathon is almost here. One week from today, I will be home from Indy and expect to be a blubbering puddle of goo, napping all day until I have to head to the LYS job.

Meanwhile, I’ve done some work on the BFF socks, but not enough to make it look like progress, so I’ll spare you a picture. More waiting around means more progress on the Miss Babs socks …

Sorry for the slightly blurry photo. I took the picture Wednesday AM and by the time I realized it was out of focus, I wasn't willing to re-shoot.

I even finished the first one at a softball game on Tuesday! I need to write down my master numbers for this sock and stick them in my sock knitting bag, but meanwhile, I remembered my number for D and was able to cruise along from there.

In other news, shawls go much faster once you’ve gotten through the lace panel and are mostly knitting stockingette. See?


Still love the yarn and the project. I’m on skein #5 of 7 and I’m starting to decrease even more rapidly. I don’t know if I’ll take this project with me on the trip, but I just might. I could work on it in the hotel.

Speaking of which, I gotta do some writing and even more packing. Off to the races tomorrow!


sairy said...

LOVE the shawl and super glad you are in the home stretch!

Donna Lee said...

Love the shawl. It looks like it'd be fairly easy to take along.

You've been busy and it sounds like life is hectic. I hope it settles down next week.

SJ said...

I'd finish that shawl up so I could wear it while it's still cold if I were you! ;-)

(Hehe, my word verification is "yeellarn" -- sounds like a yarn that screams to you, no?)