Wednesday, March 23, 2011

WiP Wednesday: Progress!

Hi! Two weeks ‘til I get my life back. Yay!

Meanwhile …

Got in a bunch of theater time on ye olde plain vanilla sock last week


Yay for moving right along.

Most of my knitting time went to Margarethe


Well, until Sunday when I managed to drop stitches while moving my lifeline. Oops. But after a trip to the Lace Hospital (my LYS, where lace knitters live and work!), it’s back and doing just fine. I have four patterned rows left before I’m in the Land of Stockingette. I’m actually really looking forward to that!

And, between when I had to put down my shawl and when I was able to pick it back up, the BFF sock got a bunch of air time. Yay, Progress!


As you can see, I got a couple inches past the lifeline for the heel. And in case you can’t see the actual change in pattern on the left-hand side there, here’s a closeup


Yay, progress!


Cathie Jones said...

That BFF sock is adorable!

The shawl is, too, but I really love the design in the sock. ;-)

SJ said...

The BFF sock is looking great! There's something so extra interesting about colorwork with a variegated yarn.

elementalfibers said...

Applause all around. I'm looking forward to seeing how that colorwork sock turns out.

Love the color you chose for the shawl!