Thursday, June 16, 2011


Hi there!

So I’m back from the first two of three non-home destinations of June. I survived the softball trip. It was hot, and once it got down to the final two teams, the one I was pulling for took home the title. Then I headed over to Columbus, Ohio, for TNNA, where I spent four days taking classes, eating well and walking around the market.

It was a full 14 days away from home and therefore exhausting, but all in all no serious complaints. I'm just trying to finish a gazillion little things before I leave home again on Sunday to head east for my class at The Mannings.

I know I’m a day late (and probably a dollar short), but I did take my WiP Wednesday pictures on … y’know … Wednesday, I just ran out of energy to blog last night after knit night. So here you go!

The Cleopatra socks were finished during the softball portion of the program. Then I cast on a plain vanilla pair in STR-M and blew through just about all of what you see below while walking the floor at TNNA.


One of the yarns we are bringing into the store this fall is Kauni. I’ve had my eye on the Oakland Shawl for a year now, and have had the yarn for it in my house for nearly that long. So on Tuesday night, I cast on and got knitting. I’m loving it. Really.


It’s been two weeks since I touched it, but I’m almost through my Classic Elite KAL sweater for the store KAL. Yay, chunky yarn and projects that go really quickly!


And, of course, the biggest WiP around here is the house. Here’s a new pic of the exterior of the house. We’re really excited about the project and we are inching ever-closer to the finish line. I’ll post more pictures on my flickr page. Enjoy!


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SJ said...

It was so good to see you last night -- it seemed like it had been forever!

Love the way the house project is coming along. That deck is going to be so nice to lounge on when it's done.