Wednesday, June 29, 2011

WiP Wednesday

Well, hello! I’m kind of excited that after months of working in Word all day every day, I think this is the first time I’ve opened a new document in two weeks.

Yay fake-ation!

So my project from class at The Mannings is finished and I think I have enough pictures for a photo shoot. Maybe tomorrow or next week. The tiny bit of knitting time I’ve had lately has all gone into my Oakland Shawl


I’m really enjoying this nice simple garter stitch knit.

After a week in Weaving Wonderland, I would love to be on the loom right now, but it’s under a dropcloth in the corner of the living room, behind a couch. So I may spend a bit of this afternoon winding a warp or two so I’m ready to get lots of stuff done as soon as the loom is set up in its new home.

Lots has been happening with the house. I’ll get a post up about that in the near future as well. Happy Wednesday!

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SJ said...

LOVE how that shawl is knitting up!