Wednesday, January 18, 2012

WiP Wednesday

The Dawn Gnots are done, and have gotten their FO-to shoot already. You’ll see them probably tomorrow.

After a two-day finishing marathon on the socks, I started a test knit for my friend PAKnitWit. Her Cranford Shawl!


I cast on last night with Cascade Ecological Wool and it’s zipping right along. Huzzah! Oh! I picked up the Eco on a yarny field trip at the end of last week. I have pictures and will hopefully blog that this week as well.

I did have a bit of an issue last night. Apparently, I was not paying attention and messed up the slip-stitch edge, so I frogged about 2” and fixed it.

No time was spent on the Koolhaas hat this week. I’ll pick it up again soon and get that sucker finished. Meanwhile, it’s all shawl, all the time!

Because I think that the SOPA and PIPA bills are the rough equivalent of handling a mouse problem by blowing up your house, I’ve dimmed several of my pictures today. I kept this one “normal” because it didn’t make sense to dim a picture on a brand new post.


Donna Lee said...

Is that shawl done in two pieces and seamed up the back? I like the way it looks like it's going to have a slight ruffle on the edge and I love the grey color you have chosen.

Yea, the government doesn't have enough problems so they've got to make trouble with things they don't understand.

SJ said...

I'm glad that you've been enjoying the shawl. I kind of want to make another one just to have the mindless, easy knitting.